Cafe Kitchen Curtains

Cafe Kitchen Curtains are fun and hip!

Whether you are an avid do-it-yourself type of person, or a beginning seamstress, café curtains are a simple project to tackle to give your cooking and dining area a new look.

No other style of curtain comes with the versatility and functionality of simple café kitchen curtains. With the wide range of fabric choices, you are certain to find the right look for your kitchen.

One advantage of designing your own café kitchen curtains is that you can choose to either find curtains that match the décor that you already have, or you can centre your décor around a fabric or color theme that you find for your curtains.

Café kitchen curtains provide not only a decorative element to your kitchen, but when sewing your curtains, you can determine the right amount of privacy for your space.

Café kitchen curtains can have almost no space at all between the valance and the panels, all the way up to a large opening to view from. This will depend partly on your kitchen’s layout and design, as well as the light and amount of traffic you will need to consider.

When sewing your cafe kitchen curtains, the very first thing you will want to do is to take accurate measurements. You will need to determine where in the window your curtains will be placed.

Café kitchen curtains can go inside the casing on café spring rods, or on the outside of the casing with regular curtain rods.

Depending on the type of fabric you use, you will need two to three times the width of the window for your curtain panels. Heavy home decorator fabric will use about twice the width, while lighter cotton fabrics will need about three times the amount to gather properly.

For the vertical measurements on the panel section, add four inches for the top section (so you can slide the pole through), four inches for the bottom, and four inches total for your side hems.

Once you get your measurements, cut your fabric to the measurements you have ready. Check to make sure all your fabric lines up right, and sew a simple seam around the entire piece of fabric of ¼”. Once you have the whole curtain panel seamed, fold your top piece down the measurement of the curtain rod plus one inch. Sew it across leaving an opening for the rod.

The top/valance on your café kitchen curtains can be ballooned (double the length of your measurement and hem it underneath all the way to blouse it out), or simply hang. When leaving room at the top, decide whether you want a plain line across or if you want to double stitch your valance so you can scrunch the top of the valance above the rod.

Sewing your own café kitchen curtains will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment each time you look at your kitchen windows. Not only that, but by designing your own curtains, you open up endless possibilities for that perfect decorator’s touch.

Hope you get on with your cafe kitchen curtains project successfully.

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