Hells Kitchen

And Gordon Ramsay

What the f*** is hells kitchen?

Did some bell ring in your mind with those not so polite stars?

Gordon Ramsay is a man of great taste buds but ask any of his contestants that have faced the wrath first hand you will get an “Oh! No” response. Thanks to the profanity Mr Ramsay brings in to his reality show episodes.

Like any other reality show Hell’s Kitchen is based on tough competition between participants fighting for the coveted finalist’s spot, in the process trying to save themselves from the deadly elimination axe. This format has been real hot among television viewers in the US.

About Hells Kitchen Seasons

This is a brief account of the various seasons of this reality show.

2005 Season

This was the very first season of the reality television show that was all set to leave a mark in the audience’s mind. It premiered on 30th May 2005 and continued to entertain masses till 1st of August when the very first winner of the show was declared. Michael Wray was the winner of the show. He won the coveted opportunity of working alongside Chef Ramsay but later let go of the opportunity.

2006 Season

The second season of the popular show started on 12 June 2008 and rocked America and rest of the world till August 14 2006, when Heather West was declared winner. For the first time ever in the then short history of the show teams were divided based upon gender. Ms West accepted the position of head chef at Terra Rossa, Red Rocket Resort Spa and Casino.

2007 Season

This was the third consecutive season of the show Hell’s Kitchen. It premiered on June 4th and continued till 13 August. Rahman Harper was the winner of this season and he got the opportunity to work at Terra Verde, Green Valley Ranch.

2008 Season

The biggest extravaganza in the show’s history waited for the fourth season in as many years. The show was preponed for a premier on April 1st 2008. The prize for the winner for the 2008 season was a job at Gordon Ramsay with an annual compensation package of $250000…yeah you read that right. Ms Christina Machamer, a 25 years old culinary student won this season’s top award.

One of the most noteworthy features of this reality show has been its host Chef Gordon Ramsay who has made some unfathomable comments on the participants in the past seasons. Hate him, Love him but trust me you just can’t ignore him. Probably the most involved soul in the history of American reality television who has accentuated the popularity of Hell’s Kitchen.

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