Kitchen Kaboodle

A Trusted Brand of 30 Years

Kitchen Kaboodle is a house hold name when it comes to kitchen appliances and accessories. If you have been wondering as to why it enjoys the following it does, this article will alleviate your curiousness.

Set in the beautiful city of Portland, the Kitchen Kaboodle stores have been a constant source of attraction for new and hold home makers looking for kitchen products to fit into the kitchen of their imagination. More often than not when somebody walks into a Kaboodle store, she comes out with a product that adorns her kitchen for years to come.

It all started in the year 1975 with a single store dedicated to meet the kitchen requirements of the erstwhile American household. Today they have expanded to become a chain with more than 25 exclusive outlets catering to your kitchen demands with the same passion and renewed vigour. Nowadays Kaboodle is synonymous with quality kitchen accessories and décor, but not limited to that as they have extended their foray into the living room, a logical extension I would say.

When it comes to the selection available, there is no dearth of items for your unique ideas. Be your need focussed around utility or luxury, they have got the items that will make your kitchen look uniquely beautiful.

Want to have a look at the range of kitchen accessories and appliances they carry as a part of their large inventory? Well, I will take you through that in a short while

Kitchen Kaboodle Inventory Range

As said earlier there is a huge line of inventory to suit almost anybody’s requirement and imagination. Here’s a list for you

Kitchen Appliances

Under this category come the state of the art electronic items like ovens, blenders, juicers, ice-cream makers, grills, mixers, toasters, rice makers, food processors, waffle makers among others. There is a wide variety of items in this category from some of the most trusted brand names of the country.


Kitchen Kaboodle bake ware index looks impressive with different types of equipments that you could use for memorable baking experiences. You will find cookie sheets, bread pans, muffin tins, cake pans and other baking accessories to cater to your taste. Ceramic bake wares are great for gifting. They also carry a good range of silicone bake ware.


This is by far the most important category among all your kitchen needs. It includes ovens and casseroles, roasting pans, griddles, saucepans, sauté pans, skillets, frying pans, soup pots and stockpots. You will find all this and many more at Kaboodle.


Cutlery sets are no more a mere necessity of a kitchen. They double up as decorative items that contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen. Knives stored in a designer wooden holder appeals to the eye. Kaboodle carries an exhaustive inventory of bread knives, cleavers, knife sets, cutting boards, knife sharpeners, knife storage, pairing knives, santokus, shears, scissors, steak knives and other utility knife sets.


Fancy dinnerware ranges from Kaboodle are a real treat to the eye. It makes dining a pleasure to look forward to. Porcelain dinnerware is my personal favourite which they carry in huge numbers. They also store quite a few designs of elegant dinner sets made of exquisite plastics. Some of the big brands that rest in Kaboodle stores are Aki, Confetti Melamine, Diner, Emile Henry, Fiesta, Flare, Fun Factory, Sonoma, and Willow.


What better than an exquisite range of glassware gets your kitchen a marvellous look? Well I can’t think of any. Just have a look at the beautiful sets of glassware on offer at Kitchen Kaboodle and you will know what I am talking about. If you are looking for a set for your kitchen bar, then I would suggest go for the lovely range of barware at Kaboodle. Cocktail glassware and stemware available at their stores is of top notch quality as well.


Choosing kitchen furniture is not an easy affair. It takes a lot of careful evaluation of more than one parameters to come up with a good plan. With the wide variety of furniture at display in any of the Kaboodle stores you can easily choose the right ones for your kitchen.

Tools and Other Gadgets

Tools and gadgets are supposed to make your life easier in the kitchen. Kitchen Kaboodle offers speciality tools like bottle openers, cheese slicers, mashers, peelers, presses, reamers, scoops, spatulas, splatter screens, tongs, whisks and beaters that come in handy in daily kitchen life.

Kitchen Kaboodle is no doubt a trusted partner for anybody dreaming of a great speciality kitchen without spending a nerve wrecking fortune on that. It’s a one stop shop for everything related to kitchen accessories.

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