Kitchen Floor Plans

Basic Plans That You Can Follow

Are you looking for kitchen floor plans to design your own kitchen? If yes then this is the place for you. Read on for ideas about typical floor plans that you can implement for your own project.

For the sake of clarity I will segregate the floor plans into following categories. Later in the article we will discuss each in detail. The categories are

  • U Shaped
  • L Shaped
  • Island Type
  • Galley Type
  • Single Wall Type

Kitchen Floor Plans in Detail

U Shape Kitchen Plan

U shaped kitchen floor plans are suitable for houses that have ample amount of space. Anything less than 8X8 foot will make your kitchen crampy if you go for a U shape design.

In this type of kitchen plan each of the three workstations are kept adjacent to three different walls. There is enough space for storage cabinets and large work space on the extensive countertops that make your life easier. This type of kitchen marks the working triangle towards a corner thereby secluding it from the atrocities of moving traffic. Work is lot more peaceful and unhindered as a result of its dead end location. If you are planning for a multiple cook kitchen then you might have to let go of the U shaped design as this is more suitable for the single cook types.

L Shape Kitchen Plan

The L shape kitchen plan gives a visual appeal similar to that of the English letter L. In the alphabet you have two perpendicular arms one larger than the other. Similarly in a L shaped kitchen you will find that the larger arm is home to two workstations, the third workstation being a part of the smaller arm i.e. that adjacent wall.

A minimum of 4 feet space is required between any two workstations. Thus take care of the spacing required between the two workstations placed adjacent to one of the walls. This kind of design is not ideal for small working space.

The trick in a L shaped kitchen lies in the placement of the workstations. There should be an undisturbed flow of work from the refrigerator to the sink and then from the sink to the cook top.

Island Plan

Islands are fast becoming the mainstay of modern kitchen floor plans. They make a viable option for an extra workspace that supplements the countertop. Usually the cook top or a sink adorns the centre stage on the island.

An island plan is best suited for larger kitchens, especially the ones where the perimeter of the work triangle exceeds 26 feet. An aisle space of at least 42 inches must be provided on all sides of the kitchen island. In larger kitchens you may go for countertops with special usage like butcher’s block and chopping vegetables. However if you have a smaller kitchen then you may go for a rolling cart that will work as an island and provide you some workspace apart from the countertop.

Galley Kitchen Plan

Have you ever experienced a kitchen spread across two parallel walls, looking elegant and usable given the space constraints? Well that’s the galley kitchen floor plan for you.

This is ideal for small kitchen space. You have two parallel walls supporting the workstations in the kitchen. Make sure that there is a distance of 4 feet between the two walls for maximum efficiency. One of the major problems in this design is that work is often disturbed by the traffic flow through the passage between the walls.

Single Wall Kitchen Plan

When we talk of small size kitchen floor plans the single wall style emerges as the clear leader. This type of kitchen is usually seen in small apartments and is very frugal in floor space usage. Though this is less space consuming, it has a flip side attached. It is not very comfortable for the cook to work in this type of a work space.

You may go for this design if you have real shortage of kitchen floor space. Place the sink in between the refrigerator and the cook top so that you can avail the maximum benefit from this design.

Hope you have a clear picture of the various possibilities when it comes to kitchen floor plans after reading this article.

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