French Country Kitchen

Beauty and Elegance Personified

French country kitchen happens to me my favorite among all the country kitchen designs I have come across. It is easier to add a dash of a French kitchen design in your kitchen than you can possibly envision.

Here I will tell you more about the nuances of having a country kitchen straight out of elegant France. So let’s get started…

Necessities of a French Country Kitchen

Here’s a to do list of things for your French kitchen

Use affectionate colors

Colors are the essence of a French country kitchen. The colors used are usually the hues and shades of the basic colors. Bright yellows, golden, pastoral red, sapphire blue and shady green could be some of the colors found. Walls having a dash of blue and white, or sometimes shades of yellow to bring in an element of nature.

Optimum space consumption

The basic design of a French country kitchen aims at a warm environment, maximizing the available space, because available area in a country kitchen is usually less.


The best thing to do is to select natural materials. Materials like wrought iron, terra cota, ceramic, or copper are ideal choices to set in a French taste. Wood is the best choice for cabinets and furniture.


Frills or fabrics are another major design aspect of a French country kitchen. In this case I would suggest you to keep things simple. Natural straights, checked patterns, toile, sometimes even crape are fresh to be seen. Colors may vary from subtle shades of yellow, white and cream to more bright hue and shades of red and blue.

Ita important that the fabric should go hand-in-hand with the décor, design, walls, and the work of art.


Finishing touch is what add a the final tinge of beauty. Any imperfect flooring, a tatty tiles, or irregular walls can be covered up with flowers or other artifacts. Gardens are usually the extension of a country-side kitchen, so this is what your French kitchen design demands.

Both natural flowers, and artificial ones in earthen pots, or terra cota items, offer a natural sense of beauty. They can, if nothing, enhance the natural beauty of the kitchen.

Creating the same enchantment as a French country is not a tough task, if you know exactly which way to go. Here are some tips to help you take the path.

Tips for a French Kitchen

The best way to design a French Kitchen innovatively is to get some idea on the archetypal work of art of the diverse areas of France. Keep a note of all the things used, right from the classic paintings, to the color schemes, to the mixture of colors, to the design of artifacts. But then that’s time consuming, isn’t it. No worries, the tips that follow will give you a comprehensive picture of the bare essentials of a country kitchen from France.

Here are some tips and tricks to transform your kitchen to a masterpiece.

  • Color schemes

    Blue, maroon, white are the major colors used widely in French Kitchens. However, not the traditional colors rather variety of combinations, hues and shades of those are prominently displayed across the kitchens. The color used are not usually very strong, thus they provide a sense of freshness and lightness and bring in a lot of space to the room.

  • Fixtures Native lumber, like the pine, apple, cherry or walnut convert into beautiful cabinets and furniture in a French country kitchen. More than the size or shape of any furniture, the texture is looked upon with interest by experts. So it doesn’t matter if you have a square or a round kitchen table, as long as that table has an appeal of natural wood. If you want new items to replace your existing furniture, focus more on the large pieces with clean, smooth and painted surface rather than small but intricate woodwork.
  • Materials used The flooring material may be brick, stone or even wood depending upon your taste. However there should be a mantelpiece, which increases the show manifold. I prefer wood for furniture, as well as windows and their coverings.

The feel of a French Country Kitchen including all the furnishings, pictures, fabric and accessories is conquered by traditional French ornamentation, with all earthly décor.

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