Camping Kitchen

Kitchen Essentials for the Outdoors Freak

We will talk on camping kitchen but before that I would like to ask you one question...

When was it last that you had the privilege of savouring a simple meal cooked in the camp fire set amidst the beautiful greenery of an unexplored forest?

I hope it is not too long back. Even if it is I believe it’s not difficult for most of us to relive those memories at the slightest opportunity that comes our way.

Its bliss to walk out far away from the kitchen to the middle of no where and yet have the convenience of having a sumptuous home cooked meal for lunch or dinner.

…thanks to Camping Outdoor Kitchen.

So what exactly is a camping kitchen? If you can comprehend the simple camp fire used for cooking a dinner then you can push it forward by a couple of years to get a more sophisticated kitchen, small in size-big in utility.

For somebody unaware of how much stuff a camp kitchen holds in itself, it would be the eighth wonder at first sight. I have compiled a list below to give you an idea about the variety of tools and accessories that have become an integral part of outdoor kitchens for camping freaks.

Essentials of a Camping Kitchen

This list is comprehensive to the best of my knowledge and contains most of the stuff you will ever need on a camping trip.

Cooking Utensils

This is the most space consuming product in any kitchen for camps. Fortunately today’s sleek looking kitchens for outdoors do a good job when it comes to accommodating cooking utensils. These include spatula, spoons and forks, peeler, grater, pealing knives and regular knives, measuring cups and spoons, plates and bowls, knife sharpeners, can opener, garlic crushers, and butcher knife among others.

Cleaning and Cooking Items

A modern kitchen for camping is no less than an indoor kitchen when it comes to storing items for cooking and cleaning. Wash tubs, scratch pads, sponge, dish drainers, cutting boards, pot holders, towels, coffee pots, ovens and frying pans are some of the items that are common among modern day campers.

Camping Stoves and Staples

By far the most exclusive member of the group is a camping stove. You will find a variety of stoves that will fit into your requirements. Similarly staples and other food items like coffee, hot chocolate, flour, biscuits, milk, rice, potato buds, spices, pepper, salt, garlic powder, ginger powder and cooking oil find a place in almost all camping kitchens.

So if you are a regular camper then it’s better to have a dedicated mobile kitchen for yourself and move away from carrying loads of pre cooked food that does not appeal to your taste buds. Apart from the sumptuous meal you will enjoy, there is enough fun in cooking in wilderness with your outdoor kitchen for camping.

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