Kitchen Wall Tiles

Learn How to Install In Easy Steps

If you have been wondering how to kitchen wall tiles then this is your helpful guide towards realization of your dreams of creating your own kitchen wall designs.

Putting the wall tiles in your kitchen all by yourself can be a demanding task but it’s worth the pain. The feeling is satiating indeed.

Now let’s have a look at the stuff you will need to get on with this project. You will need the requisite tiles, adhesive, trowel, grout, spacers and cutter among others.

Installation Steps

Step #1 Remove all the attachments from the wall. This includes wall hangings, electrical outlets etc. Before that turn off power. Be careful with the fasteners that you remove from the attachments. Store them in an appropriate place.

Step #2 Clean the wall properly with water. You may use a sponge for this job. Once you have cleaned the wall thoroughly with water dry it with a clean piece of cloth.

Step #3 If you have a smooth paint sitting on the wall then it would be better to roughen the surface using sand paper.

Step #4 Apply adhesive to the wall and place the first tile firmly in place. Apply gentle pressure on the tile such that it attaches firmly to the wall. Then apply spacers on all sides of the tile. Adjacent to the tile place the next tile and repeat the process.

Step #5 Cut a tile such that it fits into the edge of the wall. Put adhesive on to the remaining portion of the wall and place the tile on it. Leave the tiles to dry for some time. This way the adhesives will dry up and hold on to the tiles.

Step #6 Once the entire work has dried up carefully remove the spacers held in between the tiles. Replace the gap created by removing the spacers with grout. Spread the grout evenly, preferably over the edges of the tiles. When the grout dries up use a wet sponge to clean up the kitchen wall tiles. Polish the tiles frequently to accentuate the lustre of the tiles.

Hope you have fun laying up your kitchen wall tiles. It’s certainly easier than you thought. Be patient and have a lot of time to work on this project.

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