Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Picking the right Kitchen Cabinet Lighting is no more optional in the modern kitchen!

If remodeling a kitchen, or designing one from scratch, you already well know that your kitchen is an investment. Don't stop with the cabinets and appliances. By making sure that you pick the right lighting fixtures, your kitchen will serve the functional purposes that you need from it while giving the room that touch of class.

Kitchen cabinet lighting are the lights that work as "task lighting". When you run across the little jobs that take that little extra bit of light, having well place kitchen cabinet lights makes the job so much easier.

Cabinet lights are available for every style of kitchen, and every price range. What exactly do kitchen cabinet lights do? They work by mounting underneath cabinets to eliminate shadows thrown by overhead lights that hit the cabinets. This optimizes work space in the kitchen.

Having the proper kitchen lighting is essential for a host of reasons. Considering how much time you spend in the kitchen, proper lighting ensures safety. When cooking, you are often working with hot foods and dangerous tools. By having proper lighting, you can make your job in the kitchen safer with a well lit area.

Kitchen lighting is also convenient. Whether you are wanting to spotlight a certain area for safety, leave a light on in place of a nightlight, or you want to give emphasis to a specific area, kitchen lighting allows you versatility and practical functioning.

There are several types of kitchen lighting available. The simplest and easiest are the type that mount loosely under the counter with either a two-sided tape or screws. Some of these models are plug in units that don't require any wiring.

Hard wired lights also fit neatly to the bottom of the cabinet, but are controlled by a switch on the wall. Slightly more sophisticated, these lights offer more permanence and lasting quality. It also eliminates visible wires and plugs.

Kitchen lights use a variety of bulb types. Research what will work best in your kitchen before making your purchases. Options include the compact fluorescent or traditional fluorescent bulbs. These last long and run efficiently, but some don't like the color given off by these lights.

Halogen bulbs give off a more natural light, but will burn hotter than fluorescent. These also have a shorter life span - about 2,500 hours. The advantage is that these can be situated to a dimmer switch, perfect if you want dual lighting options.

Some kitchen lights can also work with xenon bulbs or the new LED lights. Both of these work more efficiently than traditional, but come with a higher initial price tag. Although they are a bit more expensive, the benefits can be worth it.

When looking for kitchen accessories, don't overlook the lighting. This seemingly insignificant finishing touch can bring the whole look of your kitchen together. You don't want to struggle to find the tools on your beautiful new countertops - don't skim on the lighting, and your kitchen will come to life.

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