Kitchen Storage Containers

Exquisite Container for Your Dream Kitchen

You can store almost anything in the kitchen in standard kitchen storage containers available. Then why this fuss about getting specific containers for your specific needs? That’s exactly what I will try to address in this article.

Here you will learn about various types of kitchen containers that you can accommodate in your kitchen. So without further ado let’s get started.

Types of Storage Containers


Baskets are versatile, durable and visually appealing storage units that you can use in your kitchen. Baskets are cheap and functional items. They can be used to store fruits and vegetables. They also make good serving containers for breads. Here is a list of different types of baskets that are available

  • Deep Storage Baskets
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Stacking Basket
  • Sliding Storage Basket
  • Wire Baskets


Canisters are cylindrical containers made of thin metals or plastics. These kitchen storage containers are ideal for storing dry food stuff like cereals, flour, sugar, salt, spices etc. Most of the canisters are air tight and thus help in keeping food items fresh. Steel canisters are great as they do not react chemically with many of the house hold food items. Canisters are made of different materials as mentioned below

  • Glass Canister
  • Stainless Steel Canister
  • Copper Canister
  • Wooden Canister

China Clay Storage

Fine china ware is known for its beauty. It finds a place in most of the kitchens and does a good job in enhancing the beauty of the kitchen. Though china clay kitchen ware are good looking and usable, they demand a lot of extra care as they are very brittle and show signs of damage at the slightest of chipping opportunity. There are special storage units made specifically for these kinds of utensils which are made of cotton. Such units have separations so that there is minimal collision between utensils. These separations reduce the chances of damage due to chipping.


Flatware refers to flat plates, cutlery and dishes that you use every now and then in your kitchen. Flatware storage boxes with padded separations inside do a good job of storing the items away from dust and dirt. Usually kitchen storage containers come with designated spaces for different items like spoons, forks, knives etc. Be careful in choosing your flatware storage by carefully understanding the requirements. These storage units are known as flatware chest.


Carts find a very prominent place in kitchen especially in the ones with limited floor space. Carts are wheeled storage units that have shelves or compartments to hold items to be transferred from one place to another. Sometimes in small kitchens kitchen carts work like an island providing some extra work surface. These are usually made of very durable materials that last for years together.

Various types of kitchen carts include

  • Basket Kitchen Carts
  • Serving Kitchen Cart
  • Bar Cart

Knife Holders

You use a variety of knives in the kitchen. But do you have a dedicated storage space for the knives. Keeping all the knives organized in knife holders makes sense because that increases the life of your knives and moreover you can find them at the right place when you need.

Mesh Box

Have you ever seen a box made of interwoven mesh of wires? Those are the ones we call Mesh Boxes. These are spacious boxes that allow free flow of air. Usually mesh boxes are used for storing food items that require fresh air flow. A mesh box gives an antique look to your kitchen, thereby adding to its beauty.

Oil Cans

Oil is one ingredient that cannot be stored in the open. It needs a safe container that provides protection from dust and dirt floating around in air. That is why oil cans are so popular. Usually these can are made of high quality metal. The containers sport a small opening or nozzle through which the oil comes out. Nowadays these cans come in a variety of designs.

Paper Towel Holder

Kitchen storage containers that get neglected more often than not are paper towel holders. These come in handy in a kitchen. They make pulling out of single paper towels convenient by avoiding pull out of multiple towels. They are made of materials like wrought iron, stainless steel, copper, wood, Marble and plastic among others.

Plate Rack

Plate racks provide organization to all your plates in the kitchen. They may either be mounted on the wall, windows or may be free standing. The separators in a plate rack make the plates easily accessible for use. These racks may be made of wood, iron, wrought iron or some other similar material.

Spice Rack

Spice racks do a fair job in keeping the essential spices of your kitchen at an arms length. These are simple shelves that hold a decent number of small spice boxes. They can be attached to the wall kitchen, kitchen door or the under cabinet for easy usage.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are used to store the garbage in your kitchen. When you cook there are very good chances that a lot of unwanted stuff like vegetable skin, waste papers etc will be produced. It’s a good idea to keep all the waste generated from the kitchen in a single container which may then be transferred to the appropriate place for bio degradable waste treatment.

Nowadays trashcans are not your regular kitchen storage containers for kitchen waste rather they lend themselves as visually appealing containers that occupy a significant part of the kitchen.

I hope now you have an idea about all your potential kitchen storage containers. Have fun setting them up for your kitchen.

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