Outdoor Kitchen Plans

Types of Outdoor Plans You Can Have for Your Kitchen

Are you a DIYer looking for outdoor kitchen plans? Does the thought of having a kitchen, exposed to fresh air right from the adjacent greenery, spice up your imagination? In either case you will love this article on various outdoor kitchen design options available for you.

Kitchen, be it outdoors or indoors have become an extension of the living room. The fact that most modern kitchen designs do not include a door separating the kitchen from the living room bears the testimony to that. In such a case it’s just not enough to have a kitchen that fulfils the basic needs of cooking. Rather most home owners like you and me expect it to be a pleasant place that can be used to spend some time over a cup of coffee or a glass of drink. Thus aesthetics have become as important for kitchens as utility.

Now that we agree that the kitchen should address the dual purpose of utility and style lets get into the world of outdoor kitchens that will satisfy our needs of having a great looking kitchen that can be used efficiently.

Here are some outdoor kitchen plans that can be used as a source of inspiration for your own design.

Outdoor Kitchen Plans and Ideas

Modular Kitchen Outdoors

You can build a modular outdoor kitchen that I am sure your neighbour will envy. It should not be very complicated if you are a DIY type of a guy. You got to choose your favourite brand of kitchen utilities and modular kitchen accessories before setting on in the project. Start your building with the island sections, then move on to the countertop. After that is done get started with the roof of the outdoor kitchen. One point that you must keep in mind before starting building this kitchen or any outdoor kitchen for that matter is that the floor should be even and parallel to the ground. You may make use of shim pads for filling of uneven portions of the surface.

Kitchen of Brick and Stone

Brick and stone outdoor kitchen plans work out great but they need a lot of patience and work. When I say work, I mean activities like cutting the stone into required size, preparation of surface for veneer, mortar mixing, surface veneering, grouting etc. Setting up the countertop, preparation of the seating area is also an important part of the task.

Outdoor Grilling Area

You may opt for an outdoor grilling area with or without a plan for a full fledged kitchen. Now the equipments to be used in an outdoor grill must be weather resistant as they will be exposed to severe treatment from the fluctuating weather. There are certain mandatory things that you must keep in mind while designing an exclusive grill outdoors. Take care of the gas supply which is by far the most basic need of an outdoor grill. For example you may set up a propane tank (I suggest hire an experienced contractor) adjacent to the kitchen area for convenience, if you decide to go with propane.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar

An outdoor kitchen without a bar seems like something is missing from the perfect recipe of fun on a sunny day. So how difficult or easy is it to have a bar made for an outdoor kitchen? I would say it is as complicated as you want it to be. If you are an easy life seeker but have a flair for doing your own stuff then I suggest look for outdoor bar kits. If you prefer your masonry skills to do the work then you better be ready to spend some time without those premeasured and fabricated kits. Any of the contractors or consultants whom you work with on your outdoor kitchen plans can better guide you on this topic, but then you must know the right question to ask.

Very soon we will be uploading outdoor kitchen plans to this section of the website that you can download and use for yourself. So do get back often to check the latest offerings from us. Have fun building your outdoor kitchen.

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