Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Right outdoor kitchen appliances make all the difference.

When I decided to create a full service outdoor kitchen on my deck last year, I was pleased with the selection of outdoor appliances designed specifically for this purpose. Spending some time searching for the right appliances has given me hours of fun with my family. With a little time and effort, I nearly have a restaurant kitchen in the outdoors!

There are many appliances that will make your entertaining easier. Here are a few of the items that I considered when designing my outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen Grills

Finding the right grill can be a fun shopping experience - especially for the man in your life. Use this opportunity to get him involved in the outdoor kitchen design. Decide together whether you want gas or charcoal - or both. We opted for both, since we like the taste of charcoal but prefer the convenience of gas.

Gas grills come in a wide range of prices and sizes. Once you determine how many people you are going to be cooking for, decide on size. The larger the grill, the more gas it will use. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to not go too overboard on size. Instead of width, opt for more racks to allow for different cooking temperatures.

Your gas grill can include side burners as well. Make sure that you have proper pots and pans, and that your kitchen area makes it easy to access your cooking with your outdoor kitchen appliances.

Outdoor Kitchen Sinks

Your kitchen appliances for the outdoors will indeed include the kitchen sink! The ease of washing off greasy plates and rinsing spatulas that get dropped are an absolute necessity. Set into the countertop, make sure that your sink’s faucet’s are tall enough to get the larger pans clean. Don’t forget to make sure your drainage is adequate (especially if you have kids that like to use the sink for mud pies).

Outdoor Refrigerators

Finding the right outdoor refrigerators along with your other outdoor kitchen appliances will provide a handy place for not only keeping beverages, but also condiments and toppings for burgers. It’s important to keep it in a safe covered spot - ours is placed under the counter in a cut out just for this purpose.

It’s easy to find the perfect outdoor kitchen appliances when shopping online - we actually have one that is a two sided fridge that has a space for canned beverages on one half and shelves on the other.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Having a place to keep everything for your cookouts is essential! Outdoor appliances include storage that will bring your whole outdoor space together. Whether you simply want a drawer to keep the outdoor pots and pans, a pull out trash can (I strongly recommend this) or something as trivial as a paper towel storage cabinet, the right tools will make your entire entertaining experience superior.

Other handy essentials are a slide out cutting board and the drop in stainless steel cooler that I set items on for serving. Just drop some ice in, and voila.

Now that I have my outdoor kitchen appliances installed and running, I can honestly say that I spend about seventy percent of my time cooking outdoors. Clean up is a breeze (except after mud pies), and the kids have a much bigger kitchen to run around in.

My outdoor kitchen is the envy of my friends and neighbours, and we have a great time each summer entertaining the crowds.

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