Virtual Kitchen Design

You Can Draw Your Own Design!

Is it really possible for a novice to draw a virtual kitchen design without any help from an experienced interior designer?

Oh Yes! With the techniques mentioned in this article you can certainly come up with a basic design for your kitchen. Whether you are able to get rid of the designer or not will depend upon your creativity. At the least you will be able to play around with various design options which otherwise would have cost you a fortune.

Virtual Kitchen Design Software

Now days there are hardly any design drawn without software.

So does that mean I need to know the design software?

I am afraid, Yes! Trust me there is nothing to panic here.

Usually designers use high end software like AutoCAD, which needs years of practice for perfection. But I will show you a simple drag and drop software that you can use right now to get started with your virtual kitchen design. Yes it’s that simple.

Plan 3D is the software I want you to have a look at. It offers a lot for the meagre price you are charged for using it. You can see any of your deigns in 3D, pan it across the screen, zoom it, rotate it to view different angles. It’s just about possible to draw any imaginable kitchen item with this software. It has an extensive library of pre made designs which you can simple drag from the library and place in your virtual kitchen design.

The library I just talked about contains quite a number of animated objects. For example an animation of the refrigerator door opening and closing can be very helpful in visualizing the actual kitchen scenario through 3D design.

One of the major aspects of Plan 3D that I liked is that I could simulate the cabinets, refrigerator, sink and other such necessary parts of the kitchen along with their original colors. Lighting effect is something which makes this software much more attractive.

So How Much Does it Cost?

If you are aware of any of the landscape design software they run into hundreds of dollars and sometimes thousands for a year’s license. Fortunately Plan 3D comes at a price that anybody can afford. Initially I doubted the authenticity and capability of the product when I came to know its price. It was plain difficult for me to comprehend the quality of a software that costs so less.

But now that I have used the software and am confident about it, I know it’s a steal at its current price of $2.95/month when you go for one year subscription. In case you want to try it out for a single month or subscribe on a monthly basis then it would cost you $15.95/month.

Tip: If you have decided to go for the membership and want to use it for a longer time then I suggest go for a year or half a year membership. That way you will be able to save a few dollars for bulk payment.

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