Kitchen Island Design

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island is no mean task!

When deciding on your perfect kitchen island design, there are wealth of choices available that will make an island a fabulous addition to your space. Not matter whether you want a full service island that will include a cooking and dining area, to a simple island that will serve as the center of the room for serving pieces, an island can add personality to your kitchen.

Nearly eighty percent of home buyers consider kitchen islands to be essential. This makes it easy to find the perfect design, since manufactures are quick to design the right island for every taste.

Keeping in mind the number of home buyers who want a kitchen island, think about how your kitchen island design will help the resale value of your home in the future.

Determine how much space is practical for your kitchen island. If you have a large open kitchen, you can easily accommodate a full island. Working in a smaller space means you will have to be more selective in your pieces. Take the measurements shopping with you so you have accurate expectations.

In addition to accurate measurements, take stock of what types of activities your family will use the island for. Do you entertain and need an area to store wine and other bar type supplies? Are you more of a cooking family and need extra counter space? Do you simply want an extra cabinet? With so many options, you will want to make sure your kitchen island is both beautiful and practical for your needs.

Kitchen islands have great options for streamlining family activities. Serving as a dining area, game table or cocktail area, the right kitchen island can bring a home to life. With an inviting kitchen, the family is drawn in to spend more time together.

Did you know that the right design for your kitchen island will help transform your room to create separate “areas”? Perfect for living spaces that are open, such as condos and apartments, kitchen island design can make the living area a separate space while still keeping the open feeling.

If adding a smaller island, you can look at the option of having a mobile island. This makes entertaining easy if you need more space, or want your guests to have easier access to food or beverages.

You have a genuine canvas to create your perfect kitchen with the addition of a kitchen island. With the many new designs, your kitchen can go from traditional, to sleek and modern, formal - even minimalist. Kitchen island designs allow you to use more or less visual space depending on what your objectives are.

While the traditional styles may be what you think of, today kitchen islands come in every imaginable material. Islands designed from wood give you a wide choice, such as maple, birch and now exotic woods. Sleek modern styles implement very clean lines that wipe easily. Stainless steel has also become a popular option, with many incorporating different elements into one piece.

Storage areas on kitchen islands also include a lot of neat nooks and crannies. Towel hangers, bar racks, wine racks, drawers, and counter tops are available with different kitchen islands.

Enjoy shopping for the perfect kitchen island design! You will be thrilled with the possibilities and even happier with the results once it’s installed.

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