Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

For a Beautiful and Lively Kitchen

Explore some of the kitchen backsplash ideas that you can implement right now in your kitchen for making it a lively place to dwell at. Here you will find something or the other that is just about right for you.

Some of the ideas involve very less investment from your side while others would need some investment for materials. Thus the type of backsplash you choose must take price, your taste and needs into consideration.

By the way to set the base let me tell you that the backsplash is the region of the wall that comes behind a cooktop or a sink and extends between the countertop and the cabinetry. This portion of the wall is significant because there are good chances of it loosing its appeal due to the dirt and grease released from food pans and other items that are used on the cooktop or in the sink.

One of the most inexpensive versions of backsplash treatment is coloring the wall. Today you will find that there are paints that will protect your kitchen wall in more ways than one. Good quality paints last for years together and can be easily cleaned. Sometimes all you need to do is take a sponge, dip it in a light soap solution or plain water and then clean the wall by wiping it.

The most widely used and loved option when it comes to backsplash is ceramics. Ceramics are great for kitchen backsplash ideas because of the variety that they come in. There are literally thousand of designs of ceramic tiles that will catch your imagination. So while choosing ceramic tiles please do visit more than one store and have a look at as many designs as possible.

Ceramic tiles are porous in nature, meaning they will allow water and other fluid materials to seep through. This is quite a big problem when you place such tiles near the cook top or the sink. Grease released from the pots will settle on the porous tile surface and then slowly seep into it thereby reducing its life. Therefore always use glazed tiles near the countertop. Glazed tiles are normal ceramic tiles that have a thin layer of non porous materials. It’s very easy to clean and maintain glazed tiles as compared to the normal ones.

Be creative in choosing your ceramic kitchen tiles. They are huge in variety and it’s a matter of time on your part to select the one that suits your ideas.

One of the options on the expensive side is glass. Kitchen backsplash ideas that revolve around glass tiles talk of accentuated aesthetics and taste. Glass is lustrous and non porous. Thus it’s ideal for kitchen environment. However glass tiles are very expensive and cutting them might be a difficult task for you. Explore and do a little more research before purchasing glass tiles.

Metallic backsplashes are the talk of the town now days. Malleable metals that can be formed are excellent materials for kitchen backsplashes. Some of the popular metals that make good backsplashes are stainless steel and copper. Stainless steel backsplashes come in the form of seamless plates. They are also available in the form of bricks but its better to go for the seamless plate instead. Stainless steel is very durable and can be cleaned easily. It possesses good resistance to corrosion and heat that your backsplash will often be subjected to.

Copper is another good material if you are looking for metallic kitchen backsplash ideas. It is durable and malleable and can be cleaned easily as well. It comes in numerous textures. Choose one that either fits in to the overall design of your kitchen or complements it for the good.

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