Kitchen Wall Clocks

Still looking for kitchen wall clocks?

You know the one that is going to be the focus of your kitchen area. Finding just the right one to hang up on your wall might take a little bit of research.

Time! We, as people, have all been curious about it. In the beginning time was known by the way the sun looked in the sky. We could easily establish morning from night and even midday, but we had no idea of exactly what time it was.

Around 3500 B.C. we used sundials to tell time. In or around 1400 B.C., in Egypt, water clocks were discovered. Improvements with this means of time measurement increased the accuracy of time establishment.

In the 1500s, a spring-powered clock was invented in Germany, still not accurate. The search continued for that perfect mechanism that would tell us exactly what time it was. In the 1600s, pendulum clocks were invented. In the mid 1800s, they invented pendulum batteries that were powered by external batteries.

Finally, in the early 1900s, clocks were made with the batteries hidden inside the clock.

Kitchen clocks come in various sizes, shapes and even themes. Some examples of kitchen wall clocks are:

  • traditional clock in a neutral color
  • brushed metal
  • stainless steel
  • retro turquoise
  • modern
  • clock with a timer built-in
  • nautical clock
  • mirrored background clock
  • clock featuring the date
  • clock featuring the time zone
  • day clocks
  • clocks with a built-in weather station

In addition to all of the above, there are kitchen wall clocks featuring almost every kind of background picture than you can possibly imagine. Rainbows, flowers, clouds, animals, clowns, and so much more.

When looking for that perfect clock you will want to take a mental picture with you or better yet bring a picture of the room with you. You could also write the specific colors of your kitchen down on paper and bring them with you. If you have a paint chip or a piece of the wallpaper this would also be a good idea to bring with you.

Do you know what you are looking for in a clock? Are you just going into get some ideas and see if anything “just clicks”? Do you want a traditional clock? A weather clock? A clock with a kitchen timer or that tells the date? Does you room have a theme such as flowers, butterflies or perhaps rainbows? Are you keeping things simple with just a few neutral shades?

To save time and energy you might want to browse the internet first at some stores online or thumb through some catalogs. This would also save you from running from store to store if you know that they absolutely do not have what you are looking for.

There is a tremendous variety of kitchen wall clocks out there. You should take your time and get just the right one that you think will bring out the best in your kitchen.

Remember, everyone who walks in that kitchen will look at it because that is just how people are. We need to know what time it is. You want something that matches your kitchen perfectly. Select your kitchen wall clock with careful consideration before you buy. You will, most likely, be looking at it for quite some time.

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