Kitchen Sinks

Knowing a Little More About Yours

Are you looking to buy new kitchen sinks or does your kitchen renovation program calls for a change in sink?

In either case you must know the whereabouts of the best sinks for your kitchen. Here you’ll learn about various styles and materials used in manufacturing of a sink.

Few years back kitchen sink was a necessity but now days it has overcome that image to become a symbol of style and status. Designers combine utility with fashion elegantly to give you a product that you feel proud of having in your kitchen. However with the increased options in terms of features and designs comes forward the problem of choosing one that you feel is best for you or for that matter the best your hard earned money can buy.

Is there any guide to finding the perfect one?

Well there is…but before that why not spend some time on understanding your options with sinks.

Kitchen Sinks Styles

They can be categorized into different categories based on the design pattern and style. Depending upon the number of sinks they can be categorized into the following segments

  • Single Bowl Sink
  • These kind of sinks have just one bowl. It’s not really convenient for hand washing in a sink with single bowl. This may be better suited if you intend to use dish washers. However it is very easy and convenient to wash dishes and plates with higher diameter in these sinks.

  • Double Bowl Sink
  • Double bowl sinks have two distinct compartments physically separated. Usually the compartments are of unequal size. It’s just not possible to use a dish washer in such sinks. Therefore you better be prepared to hand wash the dishes if you decide to buy this kind of a sink.

  • Triple Bowl Sink
  • Contains three separate bowls with logical separation. I feel three bowls are way too much for the needs of a small family but then the separation can come in handy if you cut and clean the vegetables in the sink as well. While cleaning dishes you may use the three compartments for keeping unwashed, washed but unrinsed and completely cleaned dishes.

  • Prep Sink
  • Prep sinks are also called as bar sinks. The functionality of this is very well explained by its name. Very small in dimensions these sinks can be used for cleaning and preparation of vegetables or for making drinks. At times a prep sink would complement the functionality of the main kitchen sink.

Kitchen Sinks Based on Mounting Type

A sink fits into the countertop in two different ways. One variety has its rims resting on the countertop where as there is another one which snugly gets into the bottom of the countertop. I personally prefer using an undermount sink as that is easier to clean and gives an aesthetic look with my granite countertop. Whichever sink you decide to use just make sure that it’s accessible for a quick clean up when required.

Materials for Sinks

Manufacturers use a wide array of materials for manufacturing sinks. Thus they come with different properties because of the materials that they are made of. Let’s get into what are the popular materials used to manufacturing.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steels go well with almost any color combination. Thus you can safely bet on a stainless steel. Higher gauge steels are very durable. This material makes the sinks good looking and sturdy. Usually steel sinks contain a coating below the base to reduce noise and act as an insulator. The coat helps in retaining heat for a considerably longer period of time. You will find different variations to the basic stainless steel kitchen sinks that not only look gorgeous but are very effective when it comes to performance.

  • Copper Sinks
  • My favourite is a copper sink. Copper sinks are a healthy choice because bacteria will never grow on Copper. More over copper sinks are ever lasting and absorb good amount of sound for convenience. Hand crafted copper sinks bring in a vintage look and suit almost every environment.

  • Cast Iron Sinks
  • If you want durability then sinks made of enamelled Cast Iron are the best for you. These sinks are made of cast iron and laced with a thick enamel coating. It’s capable of resisting any conceivable structural damage thus giving you a sink that you go on with you till aeons, if you can. Enamelled Cast Iron sinks make less noise as compared to the others mentioned here and boast of good heat retention properties.

  • Ceramic Sinks
  • Best modern day kitchen sinks are made of ceramic. Ceramic sinks sport a glossy finish. The advantage of this material is that you will find almost any imaginable color as an option for you sink. It can be painted to get a nice aesthetic touch and its easy to clean and germ resistant as well.

Hope you enjoyed the information about kitchen sinks available in the market and their properties that affect you as a buyer.

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