Kitchen Colors

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Kitchen colors play a vital role in expressing your mood and sense of aesthetics when it comes to kitchen design. The colors of various parts of the kitchen must be in harmony with the mood of any person present in there.

According to Linda Miller, interior designer for Mancini Duffy digestion is aided by yellow color whereas green color inspires passionate cooking. Linda believes blue affects your expression.

Be whatever the beliefs or thoughts one thing is for sure that the colors of your kitchen walls, window treatment, tables and chairs, countertop, cabinets, lights and other equipments affect your approach towards cooking or to be more broad your life in home. Thus this grossly overlooked factor must be given priority while designing or refurbishing a kitchen.

About Various Colors

For the best choice of kitchen colors, it is important to know a little about colors. Colors can widely be classified as:


Red, blue and green are considered to be primary colors. These are independent colors that can be used in the kitchen.


These are called secondary colors because they can be derived from primary colors. By mixing the primary colors in various proportions these can be obtained. Usually manufacturers carry almost any secondary shade that you can think of. So it’s all about buying the right color and using it.


Tertiary kitchen colors in turn are made by combining two or more secondary colors or a secondary color with a primary color in different proportions.

The colors maybe sub-classed as hue, tint or shades. Tint is the combination of the colors with white to increase its lightness, and shade is the mixing of colors with black to make the color darker.

The Right Color

Ideally, the kitchen can have more than one color. This brings in an element of liveliness to the room. Note that whenever we talk about kitchen colors, it includes not only the walls and floor, but also all the appliances and accessories.

When it comes to the type of colors that should be chosen for the kitchen, there a few things to ponder on.

  • Cool shades and soft, light or dull colors are preferred if the kitchen area is needed to appear more spacious or if the ceiling is to be heightened. Here contrasts should be less.
  • Dark colors, more contrasting colors, or even bright colors are used when we have to make the kitchen area appear small and cozy.

As I said earlier colors of the kitchen include, not only the colors on the wall, but also the color of each and every thing that has its place in the kitchen; starting from the cabinets, to shelves, to pantry, to the island area, to the appliances, and not to forget the furniture. Each other item in the kitchen should look as if it belongs to the kitchen. This can be achieved by proper selection of the kitchen color.

Now that you have an idea of the variety of colors available and the effects what the lighter and the darker shades give, you can go ahead with choosing the appropriate color for each and every unit of the kitchen.

A few add-ons that will help in a vibrant kitchen can be

  • The items in the kitchen including all the cabinets, appliances, containers etc should make an impact in the kitchen by fitting into the color scheme. None of the items should look out of place, having a mis-match in color.
  • Kitchen lighting should be proper, as that would emphasize the color and its shades properly. Colors look different in different lighting. Less or insufficient light reduces the natural effect of the kitchen colors. However using fluorescent or incandescent lights may give the kitchen a new look altogether.
  • For a normal kitchen room, majority of the kitchen color should be used for the walls and the cabinets, a little less on flooring, rugs etc and minimal on other accessories.
  • Tints and shades should be used to add life to the colors, as well as bring in variety. Mixing of a lighter and a darker shade of the same color is always a good idea, as it induces a sense of extra space besides giving a look and feel of beauty.
  • Painting the kitchen cabinets and use of some hand painted accessories matching the color scheme can add to the beauty of the kitchen within a limited budget.

Hope you have a good time choosing kitchen colors because of this article.

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