Small Kitchen Design

Big Ideas for Small Space

Small kitchen designs call for a lot of ingenuity.

When the question is about a ‘not-so-big house’, the first thought goes to the kitchen. The kitchen, obviously the most important part in a house, needs to be properly designed. With a little thought, cumulated with some ideas and an effective planning you can decorate a small place the way you like it.

A smart small kitchen design accounts for creating space and incorporating sufficient storage facilities and fitting in all the necessary appliances. Even these small kitchens can be beautifully and efficiently designed and put together.

Let’s have a look at a few designs for small kitchens. Effectively, the key lies with the optimum use of space, innovative ideas, and proper use of appliances. Be it a trendy, cozy or a bold design you can have all that and more with limited space for your kitchen.

The three major areas of small kitchen design that should be kept in mind are storage, lighting, and appliances.

Storage Ideas

When the kitchen area is small, your focus should be on optimum utilization of space. Some tips that will help you do that are mentioned below

  • A shelf in the center of the kitchen can provide freestanding storage.
  • Lining up of the kitchen cabinets and appliances on either side of the corridor helps use space better.
  • Another idea would be to provide an eating area in the kitchen using a sized round table with two small chairs that can be tucked into a corner.
  • Less deep drawers right below the cooking ware could be used to hold cutlery and other items, whereas deep drawers still below that can hold large pots and pans.
  • Valuable air space can be well utilized by using double decker drawers, with sliding trays. This way, even some dangerous items like knives can be hidden from direct exposure.
  • A corner appliance cabinet hides coffeemakers, toasters and other small appliances while making efficient use of often-wasted corner space.
  • Hanging up pots and pans is another innovation to free up cabinet space, and they add a attitude to the small kitchen design.

Lighting and Color

Good use of lighting and right color schemes can help in making the space seem larger. Pastels or light colors reflect light, and thus make the room seem taller. Some of the things that can be easily done are

  • Use of light colored cabinets with glass doors.
  • Use of proper lighting can make the kitchen appear larger and more pleasing to the eye to see.
  • A proper selection of colors for the walls, appliances, cabinets, counters etc.
  • The correct floor plan can also make up for lack of space and detail in a small kitchen design. So the flooring should be such that makes the room appear larger.
  • Hanging pendant lights in the eating area increases the feeling of size in the small kitchen.


Kitchen appliances may include oven (free-standing stove/oven combination or separate wall-mounted oven and stove), refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave oven, warming bins, coffee pot, toaster, blender etc.

Use of compact and space-saving appliances makes small kitchen design easier and effective. Take some time to think on what kitchen appliances you really require in your kitchen, depending on your specific needs.

Don’t forget, most of the kitchens are small in size. The kitchen designs set in magazines appear so big, further giving us an impression that our space is small and inadequate. But like we discussed, a little insight into some ideas and innovation can solve the purpose of owning an effective small kitchen.

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