Outdoor Kitchen Design Checklist

A Step By Step Guide to the Perfect Kitchen Outdoors

Why on earth do you need an outdoor kitchen design checklist? You know what is to be done and are supremely confident that you can carry out the project. But can you be aware about the state of progress of your project without proper documentation?

Well! May be if you have a super memory. But most of the common folks like me do not and we tend to forget stuff amidst chaotic situations of daily life. Thus I feel it’s a must for people like me to have a step by step checklist before undertaking an outdoor kitchen design and building project. Now it’s up to you to decide if you need this…no hard feelings from my side.

You are still reading this article means that you feel it’s for you. Well then, let’s get started without much delay.

Your Outdoor Kitchen Checklist

Pertaining to Site

  • Is the site leveled for you to build the outdoor kitchen?
  • Does the site location compliment the indoor kitchen’s location?
  • Is there a clear path for transportation between the indoor and outdoor kitchen?
  • Are the utilities for the planned kitchen common for the rest of the house?
  • If the utilities are not common then are there any difficulties in building new utility spaces for the kitchen?
  • Does your kitchen plan go well with the existing drainage facility?
  • If your plan does not go well with the existing drainage facility then are you prepared for putting up new drainage in place in terms of money and other resources?
  • Are the wind patterns in your area and sun exposure favorable for convenient dining as per your plan?
  • Have you taken precautionary measures against rain and snow?

Regulatory Laws

  • Does your state specify the details of outdoor kitchens? If so does your design comply with it?
  • Do you have permission for installing gas, water and other such systems in the outdoor kitchen?
  • Have you selected a competent contractor to do the necessary installations?
  • Is your contractor aware of the necessary statutory norms set by your local government?

Basic Kitchen Requirements

  • Is there enough working space in the planned outdoor kitchen design?
  • Is there provision for essential equipments and accessories?
  • Does the gas pressure confirm to the approved safety levels?
  • Is the plumbing system properly planned?
  • Are there enough electric outlets for various electrical and electronic items being used in your kitchen?
  • Is there enough lighting planned for you to work safely in the kitchen?
  • Have you planned the different sections of the kitchen to take care of basic functions like cooking, washing and serving?
  • Is the kitchen big enough for multiple people in the cooking arena?
  • If not do you intend to have many people cooking at a time?
  • Are the storage spaces properly planned?
  • Is there a well planned ventilation system in your design to get rid of the excess smoke?
  • Have you decided on the equipments to be used in the kitchen including grill, sink, refrigerator etc.?
  • Does your design confirm to the usability conditions of the equipments to be used?

Comfort and Safety Requirements

  • Is the planned outdoor kitchen design capable of providing an ambient temperature in the work area?
  • Are the fireplaces well planned to provide heat to the right part of the room?
  • Are the fans properly placed, closer to the dining area?
  • Is your kitchen protected against insects? This can be a very annoying problem to have.
  • Is the flooring adequate to take the loads of the various heavy equipments and at the same time is it comfortable for daily use?
  • Are your metal accessories suitable for climatic fluctuations that an outdoor kitchen is subjected to?
  • Is the seating system in the dining area comfortable with enough space for movement of chairs?

Following this outdoor kitchen design checklist you can build a fabulous and usable backyard kitchen that will be your neighbor’s envy. I will be uploading a printable version of this checklist soon so that you can print and use it at your convenience.

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