Design Your Own Kitchen

Why not design your own kitchen?

Everyone wishes to own a dream kitchen, but often when you visit a kitchen designer store or a kitchen set up in a larger store, you get talked out of what you wish. The reason is because either the pieces don't come that way or it's not available in a particular color or style, or worse yet the help has a pushy style and you capitulate. It is most discouraging.

Before you design your kitchen, first you should establish a budget. However, if you do not know what to include in the budget, make sure you think about the costs of ripping out the old kitchen, paying workers to do so, hauling out the debris and costs for the local dump apart from the cost of setting up the new kitchen.

Check out the cost of a new kitchen by going to kitchen stores and to your local general home improvement store. This will give you a low figure on which you should base your budget. When you design your own kitchen, you'll need to know if you will perhaps be doing the work yourself.

In making a design for your own kitchen remodelling be sure and understand what it is that you detest about your current kitchen. Make that a priority in your design. Amass information about what you like from magazines, the Internet, TV shows and even your friend's kitchens. Ask them if they had to do it over again, what would they do differently?

Are you trying to save money? Perhaps you should consider refacing your Formica cabinets but adding a new counter? Do you lean toward all wood cabinets, or Formica? Ascertain what your priorities are when you design your own kitchen. Do you entertain, do you rarely cook at home, or do you have a huge family to cook for? How are you going to pay for the remodelling? When are you going to be able to receive the money?

Remember that not only will you be involved in the act of having to design your own kitchen, but also use the existing architectural style. You will need to think about the cabinets, and the countertops, the flooring, faucets and fixtures, and even the lighting. Of course your design has to be functional too, so you will also be considering where each appliance will be situated as well as deciding what kinds of appliances you need.

One question that some people do not think about is how long you are willing to do without your kitchen? Will you be able to cook at all? Is it possible that you will need to be out of your home during the work? Typical kitchen remodelling jobs run from 3 months and up to a year!

If you are extremely competent with a computer, you may also wish to look at 3-D computer home remodelling software. Some of it is so sophisticated that you can design your own kitchen, making blueprints and even create elevations. The same plans may also keep you apprised of your spending and how well you're budgeting your expenses.

Should you decide to use a remodelling contractor, be sure and check the contractor out through the Better Business Bureau as well as on the State Licensing Board of your State. Some sites will even allow you to verify their references online.

Designing your own kitchen can be an internally satiating and extremely rewarding job provided you have the courage to take it through to completion. Hope you have a lot of fun doing it.

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