Kitchen Faucets

Bare Essential or Luxurious Indulgence?

Kitchen faucets definitely belong to the must have list of items in any kitchen. But then the type of faucets you want depends upon your taste and imagination.

Today you will find numerous good quality aesthetic looking faucets in the market. It’s very much possible that you will find a design that is just made to be in the kitchen you always dreamt of.

Branded faucets are great because more or less you can bet on the quality they’ll deliver, however you may search around in your local area to find some great looking faucets from a not so well known manufacturer.

So how do you go about choosing a faucet?

The answer is in following your heart while choosing kitchen faucets. There is no formula that tells you exactly which facet to put your money on and there is absolutely no punishment in case you go wrong. That of course if you do not consider dissatisfaction as a punishment.

As said earlier you are the best judge to decide on the faucet you want to buy. To get you started on the correct mode we have prepared a guide and checklist that will help you go through the faucets selection process one step at a time.

Selecting Kitchen Faucets in 5 Easy Steps

Here is a guide to help you select kitchen faucets.

Match the Sink

Before going for a kitchen faucet check the sink carefully. The sink and the faucet must go along together in a complimentary way. The look and feel of both of them should convey a similar mood rather than pointing in two entirely different directions.

As far as utility is concerned it’s very essential that the faucet fits in to the sink nicely. Some faucets in the market have provisions for four mounting holes through which they may be mounted on to the sink via screws whereas others might have one mounting hole arrangement. Thus check what the system in your sink is and then choose the faucet accordingly. Therefore if your sink has a single hole for faucet then you must choose a faucet design that comes with one hole for attaching it to the sink. Additional mounting holes in faucets will let you attach other essential items like soap holder and paper napkins.

Decide On Features

Nowadays kitchen faucets come in elegant designs and styles combined with super utility options. You can choose a faucet based on various parameters. Whether you want a flow in sidewise direction or vertically down you will find faucets with these specific features. Decide if you want a nozzle that pulls up away from the kitchen sink or a hose in pull down fashion. Keep in mind the length of the faucet as well while selecting one as the length should compliment your needs and aesthetics. Some faucets come with options to dispense soap. Go for a soap sprinkling faucet if having that is of priority to you.

Spend some time on the various models you come across and try to understand their features as much as possible. Then correlate them with your requirements and I am sure you will take a very well informed decision when it comes to buying your faucet.

Choose the Color and Texture

Depending upon the interiors of your kitchen and looks of your sink you must choose a complimentary color for the kitchen faucets. When it comes to color and finish options available, trust you have a great variety to choose from.

Some of the more popular finish options are

  • Brushed Chrome
  • Chrome
  • Almond
  • Biscuit
  • French Bronze
  • Pewter
  • Weathered Copper
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Satine
  • Platinum
  • Polished Brass
  • Platinum

It helps if you choose your faucets and related accessories from the same manufacturer. Depending upon the finishing process, color of accessories and faucets will vary between different manufacturers. So selecting the entire set from a single manufacturer will ensure that when you assemble the set up at your home it all looks homogenous and complimentary.

Get Your Brand

When it comes to zeroing on a brand it might be a difficult especially if you do not yet have one of your choice. They are numerous good brands that will deliver the goods you want. However sticking to a brand that you are comfortable with has its own advantages. You will find standardized products that will last through various makeovers. More over if you want to replace any accessory at a later point of time you can get back to your manufacturer for an exact replacement. Our section on Kitchen Faucet manufacturers will give you a comprehensive list of the best in business as of date.

Ready to Buy

Having gone through the above four points you are in good position to take a call on what to buy. Now that you ready to make your purchase it’s time to look for opportunities delivering the best value for money.

You may look for bargains around your locality or search the internet (recommended) for discounts on branded faucets. I prefer buying online because you can compare virtually thousand of shops online and get the best deal on offer. This can be very productive if you spend a little time. is a good place to look for new and used kitchen faucets for bargain price. You will need a free account to bid on their low prices. You may obtain your Free Account Here.

Great looking kitchen faucets accentuate the glamour of your kitchen. So better spend some time in getting the best that is possible.

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