Retro Kitchen

Rediscover the Utility and Fashion With Us

A retro kitchen is a fashion reminiscent of the past. The word retro applies to all spheres. Modern kitchens today follow the trends set in the past, considering the designs for renovation.

The look and feel of a kitchen with retro design makes the space a whole lot more cozy and comfortable.

Retro Kitchen during the 50s and 60s

If you are planning for a retro design then this is a great starting point. Here you learn about various nuances of the designs of 50s and 60s. This knowledge combined with your creativity will give you enough inputs to create an enviable design for yourself.


In the early fifties and sixties, kitchens were mainly made from wood, metal or Formica. Wooden kitchen units were prominent during the 50s. Most of the houses during those days featured a kitchen laced with wooden units.

A little late into the time we are talking about steel made its way through to the kitchens. It brought in a new and fresh look to kitchen in those days and received wide spread acceptance. One advantage of steel over wood was that it did not need painting at regular intervals.

The material that transformed the fitted kitchen was Formica. Formica panels were easy to clean and maintain. It brought about a change in the home decor. By this time kitchen design had made its transition from being utility centric to being utility cum fashion centric.

Color schemes

The following colors were used widely during those days

  • Bright red
  • Pastel blue
  • Orange
  • White


The characteristic retro floor used to be a checker board. Linoleum floors were extensively used in shades of dark brown, beige, blue, yellow, pink and cream having turquoise "spots" or speckles. Sometimes even Marmoleum floors were used, which is green ecologically.


The cabinets used to be dark dated wall cabinets. People had an amazing knack for choosing the right kind of wood to complement the walls which held the cabinets together. I am amazed at the detail to which the thought process had matured in terms of choosing natural materials with complimenting colors.

Now you know what it needs, to convert our plain kitchen into a retro design. The major area you need to look into is the color schemes.

Tips for Your Own Retro Kitchen

You can easily create a stylish kitchen by some simple modifications and taking care of the basic necessities I talk here. Trust me it’s not going to be as difficult a proposition as you might have thought.

Floor on a budget

  • Peeling the existing flooring and sticking tile are one of the easiest as well as one of the cheapest. For about $1.00 per square foot we can immediately change our existing kitchen in to a retro inspired space.
  • Painting our linoleum floor is also a good option to creating the black and white checks.
  • If we can’t change the floor, or can’t own our home, we can try buying a black and white checked area rug that fills up a large portion of our floor.

Walls and Kitchen Cabinets

  • Most retro style kitchens have dual shades for the cabinets. For example the lower cabinets have a dark shade whereas the upper ones come with a light shade of the same color. Light and dark shades of retro blue for the cabinets bring in a feeling of freshness, straight out of the 50s and 60s.

  • Dark dated wall cabinets can be painted also, to set in a retro look.
  • Door knobs can be replaced with great silver pieces for a deco feel. Chrome is largely used in a retro kitchen. Any knob can be made to look like chrome with a coat of chrome spray paint.

Retro Kitchen Furniture

Furniture in those days featured Chrome and Vinyl extensively. So if you really want to get that retro touch then buy furniture which feature frames made of Chrome.

There are modern manufacturers that provide chairs with Vinyl seats specially made for retro kitchens. If you are willing to spend some dough then you may opt for buying authentic vintage retro kitchen furniture. But be warned that may be a very costly affair. Easier alternative is to check manufacturers producing furniture with retro designs.

It is easier than thought to get a great looking retro kitchen. A good eye for retro accessories is all it takes to get the kitchen looking good.

A retro style kitchen, or vintage style kitchen, is a very popular decorating choice at the moment. Adding inexpensive vintage items to your existing kitchen décor is a great way of doing this if you are on a budget, and cannot afford complete renovation.

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