Kitchen Backsplash

Ideas for a great design

Kitchen backsplash is important for a beautiful and well maintained kitchen. Visual appeal of a new kitchen or a renovated one is very significant and a nicely chosen backsplash goes a long way in maintaining that.

Backsplash covers the area between kitchen counters and the wall cabinets. This aids in proper protection of those areas, and helps keep the kitchen neat and clean. It may also be behind the stove, increasing the durability of those areas by making it easier to clean and maintain. Besides, a good kitchen backsplash design makes the kitchen more beautiful and classy.

Let’s explore a few possibilities of what could possibly be an ideal backsplash material.

Backsplash Material


Tiles can be classified into different categories, like glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles etc. Tiles are a very useful lot, as they come in a variety of color, designs and texture. Glazed tiles are preferable than ceramic tiles, as they are easier to clean and maintain. However, with tiles, a material called grout is to be used, which is used to fill the gaps between two adjacent tiles. This grout may be painted to match the backsplash design.

Hand painted tiles are a great way of making the kitchen cozy, and thus make for wonderful backsplash material. They add a lot of charisma to the kitchen. Just one thing needs to be taken care of, that is the uniformity of the hand made tiles. However, these hand painted tiles can be put in a few places, accentuating their beauty.


Use of wallpapers is a good, easy and inexpensive way to create colorful designs. Moreover, it is easy to apply and remove and thus makes your life a little easier. If you wish for a change in the look of your kitchen then this is the way to go. However sometimes they may be a trouble cleaning, or may even come off the walls owing to humid conditions.


Glass gives a pleasant look to the kitchen, apart from making it appear larger. Glass sheets can be used for a simple kitchen backsplash design. You can go for glass mosaic tiles, solid glass or sculpted glass. Glass mosaic tiles are perfect when used on a painted wall. They can even aid protecting the pictures on the walls, still making them viewable.

Solid glass sheets are best to add shine to the kitchen, and they make excellent kitchen backsplash material. But they also gather dirt easily, and thus need regular cleaning. Sculpted glass can be a very interesting thing to add to a kitchens charm; however it needs to be cleaned more regularly due to the intricacies involved.

One disadvantage is that glass sheets tend to be thick at the bottom over a period of few years. Only then it might need replacement.


Use of metals as a kitchen backsplash material can make the kitchen look trendy and fashionable. Stainless steel, copper are some of the options if you decide to go for a metallic look.

Stainless steel and copper both are very durable metals. Additionally, stainless steel has high heat and corrosion resistance, which means maintaining them, is easier. Copper adds a little warmth to the kitchen.

The metal backsplash materials are available in a variety of texture, finishes and colors. These can be best used in a combination of metal appliances, or maybe metal finish on the cabinets as well.


Stones are superior material for any kitchen design. The durability is unparalleled. With distinctive patterns for each of its layers, stone stands apart in look when compared to other materials. Popular stones that may be used in the kitchen are granite, marble or limestone.

Some other materials which contribute to a unique kitchen design are

  • Whiteboard Material

    Whiteboard material is a suitable for backsplash designs, especially when the kitchen is the most frequently visited area, or one needs to be there most of the time.

  • Antique Materials

    Use of antique materials, antique tiles etc works out best when you go for a retro style kitchen. Though they are good for look, color and texture, they may be a difficulty in cleaning and maintaining.

  • Paint

    Painting is one less expensive way to get a kitchen backsplash design.

The three major considerations before choosing a kitchen backsplash are

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Looks

A mixture of all these aspects is called creativity. So, it is best to do some research before coming to a conclusion as to how should your kitchen backsplash be. The best thing would be to have a look at some homes with good backsplash designs. And then use your own ideas and the inspiration from other designs to make the kitchen stand apart from others.

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