Country Kitchen Curtains

Country kitchen curtains have become my most recent inspiration. The wide range of styles to choose from has given me a fresh palette of ideas.

I’m notorious for redecorating. I will get on a theme kick and re-do my whole kitchen with the flavor for the season.

The many varieties of country curtains have served as my inspiration. While most people don’t like to redecorate, simply adding a few well placed items can give an entire room a facelift. Whether your inspiration is a theme, such as apples, chili peppers, or Americana, there is the perfect curtain to tie your theme together.

If you are not one who heeds the themes, there are many country curtain designs available in styles that will bring the simple country life to your kitchen. Any kitchen, from the log cabin to a modern urban home, will be able to accommodate the simplicity that the country lifestyle represents with a good pair of curtains.

Cafe Curtains

The traditional café style curtain lends itself well to the country theme. Once shopping, you will be inspired by the selection available. Country kitchen curtains come in huge selections, with solids colors and print fabrics to accent your look. Many have the embroidered touch with a rooster or sunflower to bring the old fashioned country lifestyle into your kitchen.


If your space is limited, perhaps you would want to consider a simple valance above the sink. These are great because they are easy to install, simple to clean and a cinch to swap when the mood strikes. Sometimes the simplicity of an understated valance can’t be overemphasized enough. If you aren’t sure just what to do for a curtain, then definitely try a simple country kitchen curtains valance.

Valances can be simple and straight lined, ruched, or you can opt for the balloon valance. This will depend on personal style and should match the flow of your room. There is even the option to customize a valance by stretching it over a board to make it more formal for larger homes.


Much like their cousin, the valance, swag is one of the country kitchen curtains designed like a valance that drops at the side. This creates a romantic country feel to the kitchen, with side swept curtains that blend together with the valance.

Make sure that the look that you decide on brings the country to life. Don’t go too subtle, and don’t go for the ruffles of yesteryear. A hint of the old fashioned while connecting it to the modern times will help you find the perfect match.


Blinds or no blinds with curtains? This is the ongoing question. I prefer blinds so that my house looks uniform from the outside, but with lined curtains you will get that nice look from the outside not matter what color your curtains may be. This will depend partly on your neighborhood, sunlight, and personal preferences.

Make sure that you have accurate measurements when ordering your country kitchen curtains. Measure from the inside of the windows, and allow about one and a half times the width to get the proper “scrunch” to your curtains.

The vertical measurement should not be the height of the window. It should be how long you want the curtains to hang. If you want them to the floor, make sure to measure from the top of the window to the floor. If its café curtains, check to see how they will fit and how much open space you will have.

Most important - have fun shopping for your country kitchen curtains. I speak from experience when I say that curtains are not permanent, and if you change your mind in six months, you will have no trouble finding new inspiration.

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