Discount Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s Hunt For Bargain Cabinets Together

Discount kitchen cabinets searching need not be cumbersome and difficult with this easy guide out here. If you are bogged down by the astronomical prices of kitchen cabinets then wait and take a breath.

There are quite a few options when you are looking for kitchen cabinets at discounted prices. One of the most obvious ones is looking for wholesalers in your area whom you can directly buy from. This way you can get branded cabinets for less than the market price.

So how does this work?

Let’s have a look at the supply chain cycle of the cabinets. Say the manufacturer creates the cabinets and marks a certain price to the products. It sells in bulk to C&F who in turn add a small increment to the price tag before they are handed over to the wholesaler or liquidator. Then the wholesaler keeps a small margin on the product and passes the product to the retailer who then stores it in his showroom. The retailer adds his profit to the price and by the time you buy it, the price of the manufacturer goes up manifold.

Therefore it makes sense to buy directly from the wholesaler or factory outlets to get a huge discount on the market price of the kitchen cabinets. However the wholesale business revolves around volume. Therefore most retailers do not entertain individual purchases. So you will have to do good research to find some place where you can buy in small lots at wholesale prices.

You may check your nearest DirectBuy showrooms. They offer discount kitchen cabinets that may just be ideal for your house. DirectBuy offers some great variety in its offerings.

Another way of getting hold of inexpensive kitchen cabinets is to buy semi finished ones. These come for relatively less price and can be finished by you pretty easily. More often than not they will require some polish and painting. If you love doing stuff by yourself then this could be a good project for you. Not to talk of the dough you would save.

One more way of getting discount kitchen cabinets is to buy refurbished ones. Refurbished does not mean used. There is a very subtle difference between the two terms. Let’s say you purchase a set of branded cabinets, but when it is delivered you find some scratches and refuse to accept it. The company provides you a new set to you and keeps the slightly damaged ones. Now this damaged set will be refurbished to company set standards and sold as refurbished cabinets. These are as good as new. Since they are sold as refurbished products the price is way below the actual retail price.

Buying discount kitchen cabinets online is a rising trend. Many people go online searching for inexpensive cabinets. There are numerous local portals where you can find advertisements from shops and people in your area. Some of the websites like have a huge user base of people who buy and sell products in almost any part of the world. This is convenient because you will find people from your area who list their ads to sell cabinets. Always deal with local buyers while buying through Craigslist.

Spending some time on searching for discount kitchen cabinets can save you hundreds of dollars. It’s time well spent, so do not hesitate to pour in some diligently.

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