European Kitchen Cabinets

The Mystic Europe in Your Home

European kitchen cabinets bring in a unique look into your kitchen. Medieval Europe is known for its architecture. Thus it makes sense to have your cabinets draw inspiration from that era of elegance. After reading this article you will get enough ideas that will spur up your creativity to come up with beautiful kitchen cabinet ideas.

There are three prominent styles or designs of kitchen cabinets that come under European design. These are mostly inspired by the country kitchens of medieval to old Europe. The three different designs we are talking about includes

  • Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets
  • Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
  • French Country Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinets

Popularized by the exemplary designs of kitchens in Scandinavian countries, these cabinets make use of wood extensively. Pine is the preferred wood because of its simple pattern. The European kitchen cabinets that belong to Scandinavian kitchens exhibit traces of carvings. Though these carvings are not heavy duty stuff they are just about adequate to give you a feeling of exquisite craftsmanship. One of the prominent features of such cabinets is that they are edged at the top and bottom.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike Scandinavian kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen cabinets make use of a plethora of materials. Typically Formica and glass are used apart from wood for contemporary cabinets. Formica gives a clean and sleek look to the cabinetry. When it comes to color options there are plenty to choose from with Formica. Use of bold and bright colors like blue, red and green is not uncommon among these cabinets.

Glass is used extensively in contemporary cabinet designs. Glass doors enhance the beauty of kitchen cabinets. Textured and patterned glass looks great on a minimalist cabinet design.

French Country Kitchen Cabinets

French are known for their love of exquisite food and more so for elegant kitchen designs. Modern day kitchen connoisseurs prefer French country kitchen when they wish to go for something vintage or traditional for their kitchen. French kitchen cabinets are no different. They are made of fine old wood that gives a rustic appearance. Hand carvings that feature so prominently in French country kitchen cabinets make it look traditional yet stylish. Intricately designed hardware is a part of these cabinets.

Make a Style Statement with European Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are sleek and make use of a wide variety of materials. They make use of latest technological advancements to offer flawless aesthetics and usability together. More often than not European cabinets have a minimalist design but then the hardware and accessories they use make the overall look attractive and way more than any minimalist design.

Have you ever seen a kitchen cabinet with invisible hinges? That’s the elegant European kitchen cabinet for you in action. These cabinets are known for their ergonomics and accessibility.

Procuring authentic European cabinets from Europe can be very rewarding but on the flip side that involves a good amount of money in transportation. This could easily turn up to a few thousand dollars. Thus the next best alternative is to look for such cabinets from reputed dealers in and around your place.

Some of the popular retailers who carry European kitchen cabinets include

  • IKEA
  • Ultra Craft Cabinetry
  • KraftMaid
  • Norcraft
  • Arch Bay
  • Somersby

Another alternative to get custom cabinets with European style and design is to get to your local carpenter and discuss your requirements. Make sure you check out some of his past projects to get a feel of his expertise. This might just be the way to get the best kitchen you desire for at the most convenient pricing.

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