French Country Kitchen Curtains

I am biased towards French Country Kitchen Curtains!

When creating that perfect kitchen that reflects the feel of the French Country, there is nothing that finishes the look like a pair of romantic French kitchen curtains.

There are many ways to incorporate this design into finished look with your curtains, whether you choose the traditional creamy hanging curtains or a more detailed finish in your style.

Country kitchen curtains provide that feel of the airy French mountainside, the metropolitan feel of Paris or a Mediterranean style from the coast that will compliment many styles.

The type of window coverings varies from region to region. So do a little research to help you find the authentic duplication of your area.

The southern areas of France claim the beautiful heavy, linen curtains known for the crumpled appearance. These curtains pair beautifully with the traditional terracotta tile that is commonly found in France. These curtains make a striking statement in the kitchen or dining area when allowed to pool on the floor. While this also makes it a little more work to keep them clean, it does give an exquisite feel to your room.

If heavy linen curtains are not the style you are going for, then perhaps you might consider a cheesecloth sculpture. This gives French country flair without the formality of linen. You can use the cheesecloth and tie it into a unique artistic knot. While nearly sheer, this transparent curtain still offers privacy and filters the light. French country curtains also offer visual aesthetics to a room.

French country kitchen curtains don’t have to be as exotic as linen or as light as cheesecloth. You can also effectively achieve the look of the French Countryside with cotton. By using a simple cotton curtain, you can have it draped to mimic the look of a French kitchen. Think of curtains that mimic a French door. Combined with the French balcony made from iron, the greys, creams and light blues provide a simple but striking statement.

If the light cotton curtains don’t have enough “pop” for your personality, consider adding some simple embellishments to make the curtains more exciting. One of the designs includes making a patchwork pattern on the bottom third of the curtain for visual interest while still providing the romantic draping of light fabrics. You can also add a ribbon, either ironed on the bottom portion of the curtain or used as a tieback. This will give you the perfect combination for your French country kitchen curtains.

When installing your French country kitchen curtains, use a curtain rail for the curtain rod. Some people use something as simple copper pipes. Simply drape them with drapery hooks and let the simplicity of the curtains speak for itself. No extra embellishments should be needed. If you want to make the room look higher, keep in mind that by hanging the curtains higher (right below the ceiling) in order to create the illusion of higher ceilings. This will help create the illusion of an authentic French Country kitchen and dining area.

The French country kitchen is a classic, romantic and timeless look that will create a beautiful look for your dining area. Find beautiful French country kitchen curtains that will give your room that final polished look that will create the ambiance that you have been looking for.

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