Installing Kitchen Countertop

Installing kitchen countertop to give your kitchen a facelift doesn’t have to be an overwhelming project.

As long as you are using the traditional laminate countertops, the job won’t require any specialized tools.

When my dad helped me install our new counters and sink, it turned out to be much easier than I thought - and trust me, I’m not a handy person.

There are several steps that my dad helped me through in getting set up for this project. We got all of our tools ready ahead of time, measured, and selected the right countertops for my space. My kitchen is all straight run, making installing kitchen countertop pretty straightforward.

Tools to have on standby for this project include the new countertops, and any sink or faucets you may be replacing. Also have a tape measure, pencil and paper, an adjustable wrench, both power and manual screwdrivers, wood glue, a large level, a circular saw, a drill, paddle bit and a jigsaw - oh, and plumber’s putty.

Nothing is worse when installing kitchen countertops than having to make a run to the hardware store for that one missing item.

Before installing the new, you get the job of demolition. Take care when taking the old countertops off not to cause damage to the cabinets.

Unscrew the screws located along the edges and in the corners under the countertop. They will still have to support the new counters when you are finished.

Make sure that you have disconnected any electrical appliances and the water source before beginning your project.

Take measurements. When measuring, measure from wall to wall, not the edges of the counter. Once you have measured, measure again! Draw a diagram and go find your countertops. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Make sure to select something that is neutral enough to change with your designs, but stylish enough to show your personality.

Once you have your countertop measured and cut to the precise dimensions, it’s time to cut out the sink’s opening. Use the manufacturer’s template, and use the jigsaw to cut the opening. Before you get the last of the sink hole cut, make sure to hold it with clamps so it doesn’t break away before you are finished cutting it.

So, now you have the old countertop off, and the new countertop is cut and ready. Make sure before you start that the wall and other areas are well prepped for the new kitchen counter.

When installing kitchen countertops, carefully set them in place. Crawl underneath and attach the sink underneath with screws. Make sure it is secure. Once you have the countertops in place, get any trim and the backsplash in place to finish the cosmetics of the counters.

Once the counters are in place, you can drop the sink into place. Make sure to put the plumber’s putty around the drain cut out and around the faucets. A silicone sealant will go around the lip of the sink. Get your plumbing connections put back together, and voila! You have refaced your kitchen.

This little project took us most of the day, but then again, I’m not very handy. I wouldn’t trade the experience of working with my dad for anything, and I can’t decide if I’m more excited with the experience of installing kitchen countertops or if spending time with dad was the real gift.

I sure do feel a lot of pride every time I run my hand along the countertops, though.

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