Kitchen Aid Dishwasher

So you are tired of hand-washing the dishes. You’ve decided to buy a Kitchen Aid dishwasher.

Here’s what you will want to know about the Kitchen Aid brand.

The brand was purchased by Whirlpool in 1986. Whirlpool is the largest manufacturer of small appliances. They offer over twenty dishwasher models. We will look at a few of these various Kitchen Aid dishwasher models more closely. The company has two types of dishwashers, the standard one and the drawer dishwashers.

The more popular, traditional dishwasher models include the Kitchen Aid Superba series and the Architect series dishwashers. The Superba and Pro-Superba are the most popular models. Each series include a standard two rack system, 4 wash cycles, and include a heavy duty cycle. The number of cycles along with the extra features of cycles is one of the most important details you should look at when making your decision. Having various wash cycles to choose from is very beneficial, especially when you have extra messy dishes or delicate dishes.

All of these Kitchen Aid dishwashers have a 14 piece setting capacity and some have adjustable shelves. The adjustable shelves are necessary for fitting pots and baking sheets. Since it is important not to overload the dishwasher, make sure to get one with the capacity that you need. The Kitchen Aid dishwashers also have silverware cases. Some higher end models also have a third rack used for silverware.

The price range is between $650.00 and $1800.00. The more features you want, the higher the cost. Energy star rated models will cost more than standard models. More cycles and cycle options on each dishwasher will increase the price. Noise levels are higher on the cheaper priced models, though they are still better than some of the competitors. Most of these dishwashers come in four colors at no additional charge.

One drawback is that these dishwashers do require spot rinses to work the best. While the machine will get the dishes clean without a rinse aid, spotting may occur. Pre-rinsing heavily soiled dishes are also recommended.

The other series of Kitchen Aid dishwashers is the drawer models. If you have a small family or live alone, you will love the drawer models. While there is not a diverse selection as the standard models, these are great long-term money savers.

The drawer version has two separate compartments used for cleaning dishes. If you have a small load, you simply only run the cycles on one of the drawers. For larger jobs, both compartments will be used. This is an excellent feature for single people. It also conserves energy and water.

The Kitchen Aid drawer dishwashers have 5 washing cycles, including high temperature rinses, and pro-dry options. They include a glasses shelf to ensure easy handling of glassware. Kitchen Aid drawer dishwashers also have a mesh bag used to store small items during the wash cycle.

There is a hard food processor which will grind food particles down. So with Kitchen Aid models, you do not have to pre-rinse dishes. They also feature the Whisper Quiet technology to keep the noise levels at a minimum. These models are larger and cost between $950.00 and $2000.00.

Kitchen Aid dishwashers have become one of the most popular brands for average homes. They are durable and have the reputation of Whirlpool behind them. With over 20 combinations of features you are sure to find one that suits your needs. There are many accessories to enhance your experience. Once you buy your dishwasher, you won’t have to wash another dish! But you may fight over who gets to load and unload the dishwasher.

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