Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

How to Choose the Best Available

Kitchen cabinet hinges play a vital role in keeping the moving doors attached to the cabinet frame in perfect health. Can you imagine the awful sight of a broken hinge of your cabinet door?

Yikes! That sucks.

May be your cabinet hinge is the culprit.

It is true that the sturdiness of a cabinet is as good as its hinges. So why is that we make wrong choices while selecting them. There may be many reasons but the ones that I have experienced in the past include negligence given the size of the object and the availability of way too many options in the market.

Yes the variety of hinges available is so much that it can send your mind wobbling into the stratosphere. On top of that most of the contractors either do not care or do not bother to explain their customers the importance of choosing right kitchen cabinet hinges.

Let’s look at the types of kitchen cabinets you can choose from

  • Flush Hinges
  • Reversible Hinges
  • Surface Mount Hinges
  • Concealed Hinges
  • Face Frame Hinges
  • Reverse Bevel Hinges
  • T-Style Hinges
  • Wrap around Hinges

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Buy Quality Hinges

Never underestimate the quality parameter of the hinges you buy. I have committed the mistake in past and am well aware of the implications. It’s but natural to ignore the hinges because of its size. But then this small sized object can destroy the usability and aesthetics of your cabinet much like any other bigger cabinet part.

Therefore pay special attention to the quality of the hinges you buy. Three major aspects that you must look into are materials, finishes and construction.

Corrosion Resistant Properties

Selecting corrosion resistant material for hinges is by far the best option. That will give your system a longer and better life.

Proper Load Distribution

The hinge is a load carrying member. The load eventually is transferred to the joints. Therefore it is advisable to go for five knuckle joints. The more the number of joints better is the load sharing and thus less the chances of failure.

Avoid hinges Prone to Sagging

Some of the lighter cabinet hinges sag after a few months of installation. Usually the heavier metals do well when it comes to sagging. They retain the shape for a longer period of time.

Number of Hinges

This is one of the most important decisions you will take pertaining to your cabinets. Choose the number of hinges to be used is to by carefully considering the size of the cabinet door.

Keep these simple yet effective points in mind while choosing kitchen cabinet hinges and am sure you will do a good job choosing the hinges for your cabinets.

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