Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinet styles add the glamour to your kitchen.

Often when we decide to start a remodeling project, we go in with inspiration. When starting a kitchen remodel, though, you can always look to cabinet styles to inspire your project. Finding the right kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen more than a simple facelift. It can instead be the pivotal starting point for creating a whole ambiance in your rooms.

If you never realized the potential of different cabinet styles, maybe it’s time to consider the different types available so you can find one that will match your needs for function as well as the beauty that you want in your kitchen cabinetry. Here’s a quick review of some of the more popular kitchen cabinet styles.

If you opt for a modern kitchen, you get the full benefits of the modern look. Imagine the uncluttered kitchen, where form and fashion work together with simplicity. This work looks for all types of styles, from Shaker to Mission kitchen cabinet styles, as well as more avant garde cabinetry.

Modern kitchen cabinets work best if you are looking for clean lines, simple surfaces and innovative uses with lighting. Think contemporary, with a full range of color choices. If it’s ornamental, then a modern kitchen cabinet set may not work well, but if you want simple and streamlined with functional, then your choices are endless. Whether it’s wood, or a brushed stainless steel, this clean look is widely available. Seek out the help of a designer if you are drawn to this look but unsure of how to implement it.

If it’s a warmer look you want to achieve with your kitchen cabinet styles, then perhaps you will want to choose a style that embodies this mood. Italian style kitchens are popular with the reflection of the Tuscan villages. Italian kitchens are often painted in warm colors, and the kitchen cabinets compliment this style. Generally a little more on the casual spectrum, these kitchen cabinets are often a dark wood, or use a rustic look painted in warm colors with a distressed look. There may be glass doors in order to show off dishes, or a spin-off of glass doors with an array of open shelves and little niches for kitchen tools.

Going back to the primitive style is another popular choice right now. This style focuses on simple but sturdy furniture, replicating cabinets made by pioneers. Many wood shops now offer recreated pieces; these cabinets tend to be simple and rough, with straight lines. Sometimes the cabinets are unfinished, or simulated that with a thin coat of paint that lets the wood show through. This style works best for those who love the country and want a sturdy and functional kitchen. With today’s kitchen cabinet styles, you can still find the modern convenience concealed behind the heavy exterior or primitive furniture.

Whatever style you choose, make sure to find one that matches your personality and needs. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home; make sure it’s a place you love to come home to. With so many choices, you don’t have to give up your sense of style for the new conveniences of modern kitchen cabinets.

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