Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Why buy Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale?

Buying kitchen cabinets from your local home repair store is an extremely expensive proposition, thus many people would like to purchase their cabinets wholesale or at least as closely to wholesale as possible. Occasionally there's a builder's overrun advertised in the newspaper, but the chances of those cabinets fitting within the parameters and precise measurements of your own kitchen are very poor.

Your next step is of course to peruse the Internet. There are a tremendous amount of kitchen cabinet companies, some of which offer a tremendous assortment of top brand-name kitchen cabinets. The advertisements will say that you can purchase whatever you desire at low manufacturer-direct wholesale prices. This may or may not be true, so verify their reputation and check with the better business bureau before you buy!

For example when a company claims to have beautiful kitchen cabinet finishes such as cherry, hickory, maple and oak cabinets, pay special attention to the fact that these are "finishes" and not necessarily "made" of cherry, hickory, maple and oak!

"High quality finishes" is a nebulous term used by many. Beware of the advertising jargon before choosing a kitchen cabinet wholesale site.

Again because we are perusing kitchen cabinets wholesale on the Internet, you should be aware of another sentence that can presumably run into considerable money:

Wholesale prices, plus shipping and handling, if applicable.

If you have never put in kitchen cabinets before you should be aware that kitchen cabinets are incredibly heavy, especially when constructed of pressed board, A.K.A. particleboard or even if made solid wood and plywood. The shipping and handling may overrun your savings in buying kitchen cabinets wholesale.

Some such cabinets come ready to assemble yourself, and some are finish-yourself as well. Make sure that you read the specifications carefully so that you know what to expect. Having to assemble the cabinets yourself will undoubtedly cost you much less in shipping and handling, and thus you may be able to buy kitchen cabinets wholesale.

If you are very handy with tools, you also might look into self-refacing of your kitchen cabinets. You will need various tools to accomplish this and of course you'll also need to purchase the veneer if you are seeking wood cabinet refacing.

There are also ways to buy kitchen cabinets wholesale directly from manufacturers that supply national builders and kitchen designers. Make sure to perform your diligent research with full awareness of what you need and what the company will send you. By cutting out the middleman, the kitchen cabinet supplier may turn out to be your best bet yet.

By checking out your local kitchen cabinet retail store, you may receive brochures that will point you to the direct wholesaler. Chances are that if you were to purchase kitchen cabinets from such a cabinet retail store, the kitchen cabinets would have to be shipped anyway and the price will marked up for the dealer to make some money as well.

Finally either have a kitchen cabinet contractor or skilled carpenter take the measurements for you. The little that you invest on having the precise measurements can save you a tremendous amount of money.

Also, should you purchase something that you are unsure about installing in a professional manner; it probably behoves you to hire a kitchen cabinet contractor to install your wholesale purchases.

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