Kitchen Countertop Materials

Whether your countertop is going to be mainly for display, or you have a busy family the kitchen countertop materials you choose will help you make your work space the best it can be.

When I remodelled my kitchen, I didn’t have any idea of the difference that my countertops would make. I had come from apartment living with the economy cabinet space, into my house where the counters had been sorely abused by the previous owners.

If you have ever done a remodelling job, you know that it’s like finding your way out of a maze as your keep discovering new decisions to be made. Finding the best kitchen countertop materials involves some thought, but with a little research, the right counters will give you years of reliable use.

The first question I had to decide on was cost (I am a frugal mom and the times are difficult as well). Laminate countertops have been the popular choice for years. Laminates are affordable, durable and have a wide range of color choices.

While these are a good basic choice, there are downsides.

First are the seams, which are visible. This keeps the continuity from flowing. Laminates are also not heat resistant, so with a hot pan the whole counter will be damaged. Once it’s damaged, the whole counter must be replaced since it’s not repairable.

Other countertop materials are becoming more competitive cost-wise. Natural stones are a very upscale look that can easily adapt to many different themes. Granite, the most popular choice, is the lowest maintenance stone. The only maintenance for granite is sealing it annually, and is very durable. If it does get damaged, it’s a pain to repair.

Marble, limestone and slate are other good options as well. All of these materials have distinct advantages, and researching for your family’s needs in the kitchen will help you make the best choice for your needs.

My personal favorite is stainless steel. Growing up, I always wanted a large restaurant type kitchen. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, stainless steel is the choice of food service providers. Stainless steel provides style, durability, almost zero maintenance and simple cleaning facility. This is the part of kitchen, where you can spill stuff and wipe it away without any worries.

The best countertops are going to be more expensive, but if the price tag is prohibitive, try a combination. Install stone or stainless steel countertops near the stove so that pots and pans can rest there. Try laminate in the main parts of the kitchen. If you decide you want the more expensive kitchen countertop materials, find other ways to save money. I kept the original cabinets and installed new doors to stay within budget.

Color, texture and patterns are also things to consider in your choice of kitchen countertop materials. Consider the maintenance, ease of cleaning, durability and functionality. Don’t feel restricted to one answer! Your own style will be reflected in your decisions.

Remodelling your kitchen doesn’t have to be a chore! Be fun and get creative with your choices. You are only limited by your imagination.

Mixing textures and colors will only make your kitchen more versatile, and will provide that perfect space for you to create memories with those warm, inviting kitchen countertop materials.

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