Kitchen Countertop Replacement

Deciding to remodel your kitchen doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task - kitchen countertop replacement is a fairly simple job that can give your whole kitchen an affordable facelift.

Combine that with a new sink and faucet fixtures, and you will feel like you have a brand new kitchen. With the wide range of kitchen countertops, finding a design and style that will match your personality will be easier than you think.

Replacing kitchen countertop is very simple if you keep your steps in order. Once you have your measurements and countertops purchased, it’s time to start the project. For most do-it-your-self people, this project should be finished within one day.

Laminate countertop is the easiest countertop to replace. It cuts easily, requires only basic tools, and is affordable and durable. If you decide to go with a more extravagant counter choice such as granite or tile, you might need to have a professional install it for you. This is due to specialized tools and warranty limitations.

The first thing you will want to do is to disconnect the plumbing. If you forget this step in the kitchen countertop replacement process, you could have quite a mess. To turn the water off, simply shut off the water supply under the counter and test it at the sink. Remove the water line and the P-trap for this. Once you have the water disconnected, you are ready for the next step.

Get ready to bend and twist while you remove the old screws that are holding the current counter in place. Usually located at the edges and in the corners, removing the old screws will assure that the counter will lift off nicely. If you find any spots that don’t readily lift, check again and find any stray screws you might have missed.

With the kitchen countertop replacement, you will remove the old counters by making sure that the backsplashes are removed carefully without damaging the wallpaper or paint. Do this with a putty knife, and protect the wall when lifting the counter.

Once you have the kitchen countertop replacement ready to set up, place it on the cabinets and attach it from underneath with screws.

Now that you have the old countertop out, it’s time to put the new countertop in. Have your sink opening cut ahead of time, so that you can simply drop the sink in a little later. Use clamps to hold the counter in place until the hole is cut out, and attach the sink. Finish installing the sink with some silicone and plumber’s putty. Make sure your plumbing connections are back in place properly once the project is finished.

Once you have your new kitchen counter replacement all set, you can start to enjoy it right away. So order your carry out pizza after all that hard work, and put that counter to work holding drinks and snacks for everyone who helped with the day’s project.

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