Kitchen Countertop Tile

Several years ago we designed an outdoor kitchen on our deck. Our builder used kitchen countertop tile because it weathered well and was durable. I had never considered using this material in my indoor kitchen, but once I had it outside, I wanted to bring it indoors as well. Tiles give your space a unique look that will make it functional and beautiful.

Before I had kitchen countertop tile, I had some misconceptions about tile. I had heard it was hard to keep the grout clean for starters. If you have a poorly sealed tile with white grout, this might be the case. But today, tiles and grout are available in a variety of colors and that will make it nearly seamless. Once properly sealed, the grout shouldn’t be a problem. My tiles are a molted grey with grey grout and you can barely see the transition from kitchen countertop tile to grout.

When the builder had originally suggested outdoor kitchen tile, I was a bit apprehensive about the cost. He assured me it wasn’t that expensive, and I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was - and how many options there were. Installation was not handled by me (I’m definitely not handy), but there are classes held at home improvement stores that will show you how to set the tiles yourself. Often you can lay it on top of the existing countertops.

The total cost for having our tile done came in well under $1,000. That was well below budget so much that I also invested in a larger kitchen sink and new faucets. Once you have decided to have new tile installed, keep in mind that this is the perfect time to put a new sink and fixtures in. That way you can upgrade the whole countertop, and have the opening customized for the new sink.

Durability was an important factor for me in selecting countertop tiles. With a busy house full of kids, we are constantly in the kitchen. I knew that tile would break things when dropped on it, but any surface will break things. The trade off for the heat resistance and low maintenance made it a no brainer for me.

Did you know that tile, since designed for floor use, will withstand much more abuse than many other surfaces? Kitchen countertop tile will hold up to things being dropped, cut, spilled and bumped. Used in the floors of many restaurants, tile is made to be abused. On the off chance a piece does break, you can replace that single piece (make sure to keep a few extra handy just in case).

Installing the same tile on the floor as your kitchen countertop tiles can also create a visual illusion of more space in your kitchen. The look of tile lends itself to different kitchen styles, from modern to traditional to ethnic. Whatever your goal is in your kitchen, tile comes in such a wide range of colors, styles and sizes that will meet your family’s demands.

I love my new tile! From the indoors to the outdoor kitchen, I have a surface that is easy to maintain and gives a versatile workspace for those big family gatherings.

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