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Overview of Faucets With General and Not So General Features

Choosing a kitchen faucet can be an intimidating task for a plethora of reasons. One of the most obvious reasons being manufacturers coming up with numerous designs with great features those load you with over information. And in the tryst to get the best that your money can buy, you go onto an indecisive mode.

Let's look at different categories of faucets

Kitchen Faucet Segregation Based on Functionality

Single Handle Vs Double Handle

Faucets come with single handle as well as double handles. You will find some elegant design variations of both types. A single handle faucet is compact and can be controlled and manoeuvred easily by one hand. Simple motions of your hand are sufficient to adjust the water flow and temperature in a single handle faucets. Even though these are easier to handle, they do not offer much design flexibility.

A double handle faucet on the other hand offers a lot of design flexibility with two different control knobs. These faucets can easily accommodate different spout and lever designs. Looks are bulkier as compared to a single handle faucet but they are extremely elegant.

Pull Out Faucet

It is other wise known as integral spray faucet. It offers a great combination of style and utility. It works well for most kitchens because it does not have much hassle when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Wall Mount Faucets

As the name suggests these can be mounted on to the kitchen wall. The faucet can be fixed such that its vent reaches the centre of the sink or near the stove. These kinds of faucets are also known as pot fillers. These work extremely well for heating water in pots for cooking purposes. All you have to do is put the pot on burner and then open the pot filler to pour water into the pot. You need not move that heavy water filled pot around anymore. Pot fillers come in numerous exotic designs for you to choose from. Spend some time in selecting a design that makes you say “wow…

High Spout Pot Fillers

Not all pot fillers come in same spout size. Thus you got to be careful in selecting the right spout length/height. If you have a big family and usually have lot of dishes to clean after meal then you need some extra space in the sink. In such a case high spout kitchen faucet will be very useful. But then if you do only minimal washing then normal faucet will accomplish the task. If your kitchen or the sink is too small then a very high spout faucet will look out of place. Therefore take the aesthetic influence into consideration when you are finalizing the height of your pot fillers.

Faucets Offering Water Filtration

Some faucets out there in the market offer water filtering capabilities. Though this does not really affect the way it looks, this is a very good utility added to the facet. If you have a family then you want the best form of water for them. This will certainly add up as an extra layer of filtration to provide clean water to your kids right out of the tap.

Faucets With Built In Soap Sprinkler

Nowadays you will find faucets dispensing liquid soap as well. You might consider this kind of faucet for yourself. In most other cases you have provision for mounting soap can to the sink and faucet setup.

Faucets Differentiated On the Basis Of Valves

Various valve mechanisms in use today contribute to the efficiency of the faucets. The most prominent mechanisms are mentioned below

  • Faucets with washer
  • Washer less faucets
  • Faucet with balls
  • Faucets with ceramic disk

Now that you have a fair bit of idea about various features available in the latest faucets I believe you will find it easy and fun to choose your own faucet.

I would love to know more about your faucet buying experience. If you want to share then please feel free to contact me through the contact form. If you want your kitchen faucet story to be published on this site then we will help you do so.

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