Kitchen Swag Curtains

Kitchen Swag Curtains take your kitchen from casual to formal look easily and inexpensively.

Kitchen swags work well to tie the kitchen and dining areas together to create an inviting space. Available in a wide range of fabrics and styles, swag curtains can top off your windows for form, function and beauty.

While you can choose to purchase your kitchen swag curtains, they are simple to make as well. Either route you decide to go when selecting the perfect pair of curtains will result in an elegant statement to your room.

When selecting your swag curtains for your kitchen, there are a few simple things you will need to ask yourself

  • Do I want the swag to be used as a valance by itself, or will it be in combination with panels?

    When making this decision, consider the room. If you are putting a swag in a kitchen only, perhaps simply use a valance. If you are including a formal dining room then panels will be appropriate.

  • What type of fabric do I want to use?

    Swag curtains are available in every imaginable fabric, from lace to drapery fabric. Make sure that your curtains match the tone of your room to create a unique look that ties your design together.

  • Will my swags need to be practical (for sun protection and privacy) or will they function more as decorative pieces?

    This will depend on where your eating area is located. With the choices available with swag curtains, you can go from casual cotton fabrics to line pieces that take up most of the window.

When shopping online for your kitchen curtains, you can find a wide variety of styles. If you are more inclined to make it yourself so that you can get that perfect look, it’s quite simple to sew a swag curtain.

You will need to get a few simple items for your project, including the fabric, the lining, fringing (which is optional) and matching thread. In order to determine the amount of fabric you will need, first decide how deep you want your swag to fall. As a general rule of thumb, one rectangle of fabric that measures 46” X 60” is needed for each swag. If you are making a deeper swag, factor that into your equation.

Kitchen swags will add that element of luxury to your room that will make your home a showplace. Make your kitchen look like it just came out of a home design magazine with just a little effort.

Swag curtains are great because the curtain itself is embellished. This means you can spend less on the rod and still get an expensive look with your kitchen swag curtains.

Whether you order your curtains or design them yourself, you are sure to be thrilled with the results. There is nothing else as elegant as a dining area ensemble finished off with the right kitchen swag curtains.

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