Kitchen Window Curtains

When remodelling your kitchen, the kitchen window curtains may be the most frequently overlooked part of decorating.

Are you a victim of this ignorance?

So many people don’t know how curtains work, and will skip them completely in lieu for blinds. Curtains add that extra special touch, though, as well as providing function. Your choices in kitchen window curtains are wide and varied, so you can find a style that will suit literally any personality.

Kitchen curtains are designed for aesthetic appeal as well as function. Selecting the right curtains will help to control light, provide privacy and control the temperature. When deciding which kitchen window curtains to purchase, keep in mind the needs that you must address with curtains. The different styles will offer different functions.

When selecting my kitchen window curtains, I was working towards cooling the temperature of my kitchen down. The hot afternoon sun gave the air conditioner a workout. Even though I liked the airy look of café curtains, they just were not practical in my case. I opted for a heavier fabric with bright colors to block the sunlight.

Your needs may be different, so knowing your options will help you make the right choice for your kitchen. If you want an airier feel to your kitchen, lace and café curtains are quite popular. The sheer fabrics will allow a lot of sunlight in, keeping the area bright and sunny. This works best if your kitchen is secluded so the neighbors can’t see you making coffee first thing in the morning - or else you might want to combine the airy curtains with some mini-blinds.

Another consideration to make when picking your kitchen curtains is how close the dining area is. Do you need to tie the two spaces together and match curtains, or are they two distinct rooms? If your dining area is an eat in kitchen, you will want to find a versatile print that will give lasting appeal to your room. Go for a more neutral curtain so you can change out the accessories to update the look of your room.

If you are simply looking for an accent piece to brighten the room, kitchen curtain valances may be just the thing you need. Valances are easy to install with mini-blinds, and can easily be changed out for a new look. Valances range from simple to formal, and can be washed easily. A valance will also be less likely to get kitchen dirt and grease on it.

If you are looking for a combined shade and curtain, consider a roman shade for your kitchen needs. These are a great alternative since you can raise and lower the actual curtain itself. Roman shades come in different weights of fabric, with some lined to be as heavy as drapes - without the formality of a drape. This will offer privacy, light control and temperature control while giving an updated face to your kitchen.

Researching the right kitchen curtains will make the process easier. When I first started looking I was overwhelmed at the number of choices I had, but once I started the process I was secure in my choices. I feel that I have the perfect finishing touch now that my kitchen window curtains are hanging.

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