Kitchen Window Treatment

For lively and elegant kitchen windows

Kitchen Window treatment is a novel way of beautifying the kitchen windows, and giving a classy look to the whole kitchen, to make it look alive and pleasant.

You buy a house that you wish would be the best place to live in. So what do you do? There are a couple of options. Either you hire a designer who robs you of your hard earned money or do it yourself. The only concern in doing it all by yourself is the lack of specialist knowledge.

That is where we will help you. A good start leads to greater things. So the purpose of this guide on kitchen window treatment is to give you a good start is making your kitchen a striking beauty.

The first thing you should look for is ventilation. Therefore kitchen windows are so very critical. Moreover windows are the ones that attract visitors’ eyes for the very first time they enter your kitchen. Thus you must focus on kitchen window treatment if you want to create a designer look for your kitchen.

Window Treatment Checks

The major aspects you need to have in mind are mentioned below

Window curtains

Use of window curtains is the best way to make a kitchen treatment successful. The choice of curtains may vary pertaining to the kitchen ambience. The fabric should compliment the kitchen and its décor.

Color schemes

This is by far the most important factor that influences visual appeal. Choose color that compliments the overall feel of your kitchen. Keep in mind the lighting options you have put in place. Make sure that your chosen color scheme goes well with the existing wall color.


Adding texture to the kitchen window treatment is becoming a hot trend nowadays. For example, shades of bamboo or wood, or any natural items, bring about a feel of freshness.


Light is a very important factor in the kitchen. Your window treatment efforts should revolve around this parameter as often as possible to gain the maximum advantage of resources. Some area of the kitchen must have natural light whereas some others are better off with artificial lighting. Keep these things in mind before planning any window treatment operation.

Window Treatment for Your Kitchen

The major reason we go for a kitchen window treatment is to dress the kitchen window such that it creates an impact on anyone who sets an eye on it. Not all kitchens are same and thus not all of them need a pre defined plan for treatment. Your unique kitchen window will have different requirements compare to mine. Here is a list of tips that will help you take a judgmental decision

  • Small Kitchens

    If you have a small kitchen, try not to use bold colors or prints. That might spoil the décor. Instead, small and soft prints should be preferred, and also less textures. The design should match with the kitchen size, and that should not be neglected.

  • Large Kitchen

    If you have a large kitchen, big and decorative curtain rods can be used to hang the curtains. Ruffled curtains give a very pleasant look to the windows. Color selection should be at par with the kitchen color scheme. Tailored curtains give a very cozy feel.

  • For More Light

    If you want more light, sheer curtains are the best choice. Thick curtains may be used along with drapes. The sheer curtains or drapes allow the person to manipulate the amount of sunshine or light to enter the kitchen.

  • For Privacy

    If you need more aloofness or privacy sheer curtain is the right choice. Blinds do a great job for this purpose. Blinds give a feel of isolation, without actually isolating the kitchen.

Kitchen window treatment is important to uplift the charm of a kitchen. More than just doing any treatment, you should have a little knowledge on color schemes, fabrics available, textures possible etc. It takes a lot more than to just choose any design.

Creativity and observation are the two major factors which help in making the kitchen window treatment successful.

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