Plaid Kitchen Curtains

Plaid kitchen curtains have been a classic pattern for decorating for years. As other styles come and go, plaid curtains are a staple for decorating everywhere. Why is this?

If you are wondering what it is about plaid that makes it such a good choice for your decorating needs, then take a look at some of the choices in plaid curtains and you will see.

A plaid curtain is one of the most versatile curtains you can find. Every style from a rustic, country look up to a modern chic kitchen can be achieved with plaid. Kitchens lend themselves well to this print, and plaid adapts easily to most types of furniture. From heavy wooden pieces to modern furniture, plaid curtains will easily pull a room’s look together.

When designing your space, plaid curtains do well as a standalone print. Make sure that you don’t try to mix your plaid curtains with flowered wallpaper, or you will get too “busy”. Plaid curtains add just the right amount of interest without being distracting.

Plaid kitchen curtains come in a wide range of color choices. You can choose subdued shades from lighter pastel colors, to bright combinations of plaids. Depending on your style, you can find more traditional navy or gingham prints for a more conservative look, or consider pairing a more dramatic plaid such as red and black with sleek black furniture.

Plaid is available in many styles and sizes. The gingham is a traditional small print that you can find in wide range of colors. Reds, blues, greens - every color that you might want to use for your plaid kitchen curtains.

If you want a more dramatic look, you can find interesting color combinations that will add visual interest and pattern combinations.

Large plaid prints give an interesting combination pulled back, providing both a swag and box pattern together. Plaid curtains also pair well with other fabrics for your kitchen, making it fun to find the perfect napkins and chair covers.

Don’t think you are limited to traditional panels with plaid curtains. While a simple curtain can offer the visual appeal, styles are available in café curtains and roman shades. Your plaid curtains can come lined or not (depending on the weight you want out of your curtains), and in almost any weight. Cotton is a popular choice for plaid curtains, and it washes easily and wears well in a kitchen.

The best thing about plaid curtains is that they are versatile if you decide to change up other elements in your kitchen. It’s truly a fabric for all seasons.

Envision your kitchen with plaid kitchen curtains for an updated, yet traditional look. There is perhaps no other print that has been such a standby for so many years. Find out why this print is so popular by trying it in your kitchen! It’s a quick, easy, and inexpensive facelift for your kitchen that will last for years.

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