Tier Kitchen Curtains

Tier kitchen curtains can change the way you look at your kitchen decor. These classic curtains, also referred to as café curtains, offer many practical and decorative elements to your kitchen.

Tier curtains are simply a valance on the top with a pair of short panels hung underneath.

How are you supposed to use tier curtains in your kitchen?

It’s very simple. Install two curtain rods, or use two spring rods that go inside the window frame and hang your curtains. There are varying lengths to café or tier curtains, ranging from about 24”-42” in height. Experiment a little and decide which length will be best for you depending on the amount of privacy you need as well as the amount of light you will want to let in.

When determining how much space to leave between your valance and panels, keep in mind that it is a personal preference. You can hang them anywhere from no space to a large gap to see outside. Part of your decision will depend on the size of your window, so just take careful measurements to find the right set of tier curtains for your kitchen.

Tier kitchen curtains are versatile and appealing, with sizes available for every kitchen window. Create a fun or romantic area, dressing up your decorations with the perfect kitchen curtain.

The styles available in kitchen tier curtains allow you to make a design statement in your kitchen. With every type of print, theme and color available, your kitchen curtains can add that little bit of “pop” your kitchen has been looking for.

If you can’t find the right curtains online or in stores, then it is simple to create your own. With a few straight stitches you will have it right in a jiff. Getting the fabric and sewing a few straight seams on your machine will have your window decor ready in minutes.

Make sure to take measurements and pin your fabric. Once you have that ready, double check that your fabric is lined up correctly and matches. Stitch a seam all the way around, and leave room for the rod. You can decide if you want your valance to be a balloon or traditional valance, and determine how much scrunch you want (if any) at the top of your rod.

Add any extra embellishments, such as ribbon or tiebacks, and your curtains should be ready to hang. Your tier curtains can be as simple as some sheer fabric, or busy with a kitchen theme.

Tier kitchen curtains are easy to maintain, as they are small enough to remove for regular washing. Make sure your fabric is durable for washings and the contact with food. With very little effort, your curtains will last for years.

Café curtains, or tier kitchen curtains, have an appeal like no other. Use them to decorate your room to create the feel of an old fashioned café, only at your kitchen the food will be better! With the right set of tier kitchen curtains, your friends and family will be complimenting the new style as you treat them to a hearty meal or a simple cup of tea.

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