Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Buying unfinished kitchen cabinets is definitely a price saving and smart move. They are excellent for finishing the way you want. From cherry wood to mahogany you may stain your wood cabinets to have the look you want in your home.

Why Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets?

One reason - you will be able to see the wood you are purchasing. There are unscrupulous salesmen who want to tell you something is solid wood when in fact it is not. They may not know or they may. They might figure you will not know the difference. Particle board is used in many types of products and you do not want this for your kitchen.

Regardless of how careful you are there may come a time when you have a leak. If this happens and your kitchen cabinets are made of particle board, there will be major problems. This type of wood crumbles when it gets wet. The only alternative then is to replace them. So getting the good quality wood to start will be the smart plan.

Unfinished cabinets can be a huge savings as well. This is perfect for those 'do it yourself ' people. They can either stain or paint them and realize a big savings compared to buying them already finished. By doing this you are sure of what is under the paint or stain. Others have been known to cover up flaws in the wood using paint. This is not visible when you purchase them.

How to Buy Them?

Buying from a dealer who only provides unfinished wood products is one method of finding a retailer. Another method is to go to your local building supply and see if they have unfinished cabinets. There may be a cabinet maker in your area. Choosing this method allows you to order the style and the type of wood you want.

The Internet is another excellent choice when it comes to finding unfinished products. The measurements will have to be perfect when ordering. This is especially true when ordering from an online business. It is better to err on the side of being too big than too small. If the cabinets end up being too small you may be stuck with cabinets that you cannot use.

Wholesale furniture stores are another method of finding quality wood products. Looking in the Yellow Pages will net some good results. Once you find the ones in your area, off you go to look for the best quality available.

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets Buying Tips

Comparing prices is essential to finding the best product for the best price. Some sources may vary by quite a bit when purchasing cabinets. There are pricier stores that will actually charge more for the same thing you may buy at a retail outlet.

When deciding on the type of unfinished kitchen cabinets you will purchase, color is a factor. If you want a light wood look for your kitchen, there are certain woods from which you should choose. Beech, ash, oak, elm and pine are light woods.

Dark woods are hickory or mahogany. The in-between look would be teak, rosewood or cherry. Consider the look you want before purchasing the cabinets. It is much harder to change wood from dark to light than from light to dark.

Finding ready to assemble unfinished kitchen cabinets will save even more money. The directions are easy to follow. Saving money will allow you to have money left over for your next project.

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